Stories unfolding…

POUND LAND VANILLA PRINCESS (magical realist radio drama) winner of the BBC’s Alfred Bradley Award 2018/2019

BELLA IN THE AFTERNOON (comedy series) longlisted for the Thousand Films comedy writing competition 2019

THE GREAT BRITISH VAMPIRE PAGEANT (comedy short – in development in the Film Hub North/BFI’s script lab 2019)

BELOW – (6 part TV mini series) in development with Bonafide Films for All4. Winner of the Northumbria University/C4 TV Writing Award 2017. 
THE GIRL WHO DRESSED AS A BEAR (a lesbian love story – with magical toucans) This short animation script was one of the winning screenplays read at The Watersprite Film Festival’s Script Lab 2017 published in the U.S anthology HashtagQueer. Currently in further development.
THE DROPOUTS – (surrealist/absurdist comedy) in development with salon:collective
THE PINK PALETTE OF FRIDA KAHLO (immersive theatre experience) in development with TheatreTribe

Stories told…

MY NAME WAS HUNGER (drama) Produced by: The Salon:collective. Staged: The Park Theatre’s Script Accelerator event (2013). 
OUR KID JESUS (magical realist comedy) Winner of 24:7 Theatre Festival’s Next Big Idea Event (2013)The Cockpit Theatre, London. Produced by Salon:lab (2013) 
DANCING DOG GETS A CREDIT CARD (comedy) Produced by: Writer’s Avenue. Staged at: The Soho Theatre, London as part of the 6 Degrees Event (2013) 
SECONDS (drama)  Produced by: Writer’s Avenue and Missfit Productions. Winner of: the ‘First 20 minutes’ (2010) playwriting competition.. Winner of ‘The Next Stage’ playwriting competition (2011). Winner of the ‘Final Stage (2012)’ playwriting competition. Staged at: The Soho Theatre, The Pleasance Theatre and The Rosemary Branch Theatre. 
THE CRUCIFIXION OF MADELINE McKAY (surrealist drama) Produced by: Missfit productions. Staged at: The Rosemary Branch Theatre (2009) 
THE LANDLORD, THE MEDIUM, AND THE CHERUB  (Finalist in Commonword’s best new novelist competition (2008))
AWAKEN YOUR INNER FAERIE IN 30 DAYS  Published by 6th Books (2013) Winner of Prediction Magazine’s best new self-help book (2013)

Community Writing Projects

WOMEN OF THE WILD:collection of short stories complied from contributors worldwide to celebrate women’s stories and raise cash for Trafford Rape Crisis.
DONATE A POEM FOR FREEDOM:  an anthology created to raise money for Freedom Books after it was firebombed by white supremacists. Poets from around the world submitted their words: including the actor Steve Evets (Looking for Eric – Ken Loach & Rev (BBC) and internationally acclaimed poet Antoine Cassar.


Words about my words…

Jean Rogers – Actress (Equity Councilor and vice counsellor) on playing Eileen in My Name is Hunger.
“I met Alex when I had the good fortune to work with her on the development of an original theatre play, my name was Hunger. I was excited by her writing. Her dialogue was lyrical, almost poetic, yet totally real. For nearly ten years I had played Dolly Skilbeck in Yorkshire Television’s Emmerdale, speaking dialogue from over a dozen television scriptwriters in that time. You can tell the difference between what is real and works and what is difficult to speak in a convincing manner. I consider Alex to be a gifted writer. She is dedicated, hardworking with a professional attitude”
Rebecca Lenkiewicz (screenwriter on academy award winning film Ida. IMDb) on ‘The Girl Who Dressed As A Bear’)
“This is a beautiful study of a young female life, fractured but hopeful. I really enjoyed Alex’s script…the strangeness of Pippa’s world; her retreat into a bear’s head seeming to be the only way to exist for a while. Its realism was good in the detail of the pills and the doctor and I very much enjoyed the love affair which was instant and unquestioning. The magical realism that followed and then the ending which was realistic all went very beautifully together. I’d love to see this film, the images, Pippa’s private world and the necessity of dealing with the real world. Heidi is very touching and their coming together at the end is really hopeful and wonderful. It’s a nicely empowered film about the feeling of being totally disempowered. I hope it will be made and can adhere to the script as the specificity is very good. I enjoyed it very much and feel that Alex will write many more beautiful screenplays… the economy of dialogue was impressive and the visual language was great.”  

Other creative training/mentorships…

BFI Network X BAFTA Crew participant 2019

Raising Films Writing Residency 2019

StageOne New Producers Scheme 2018/2019

The Royal Exchange Disabled Directors Scheme 2018 – ongoing

The Raising Films creative development scheme CLOSR17