My stories

Shortlisted for ITV’s ORIGINAL VOICES 2019 (finalists announced end of 2019)
SISTERS OF THE MIDNIGHT BERRIES (Tragi-comedy stage-play) produced by Salford Arts Centre 2019


WHEN I WAS A TROLL (magical realist stage-play) long-listed for the Old Vic 12 2019


VAMP (absurd comedy short) Film Hub North/BFI’s script lab 2019)


POUNDLAND VANILLA PRINCESS (magical realist drama) winner of the BBC’s Alfred Bradley Award 2019


BELLA IN THE AFTERNOON (comedy series) longlisted for the Thousand Films comedy writing competition 2019


BELOW – (6 part TV mini series) Winner of the Northumbria University/C4 TV drama Writing Award 2017


THE GIRL WHO DRESSED AS A BEAR (a lesbian love story – with magical toucans) Selected for The Watersprite Film Festival’s Script Lab 2017 & published in the U.S anthology HashtagQueer 2017


MY NAME WAS HUNGER (drama/stage play) Produced by: The Salon:collective. Staged: The Park Theatre’s Script Accelerator event (2013)


OUR KID JESUS (magical realist comedy/stage play) Winner of 24:7 Theatre Festival’s Next Big Idea Event (2013)The Cockpit Theatre, London. Produced by Salon:lab (2013) 


DANCING DOG GETS A CREDIT CARD (comedy/stage play) Produced by: Writer’s Avenue. Staged at: The Soho Theatre, London as part of the 6 Degrees Event (2013) 


SECONDS (drama/stage play)  Produced by: Writer’s Avenue and Missfit Productions. Winner of: the ‘First 20 minutes’ (2010) playwriting competition.. Winner of ‘The Next Stage’ playwriting competition (2011). Winner of the ‘Final Stage (2012)’ playwriting competition. Staged at: The Soho Theatre, The Pleasance Theatre and The Rosemary Branch Theatre. 


THE CRUCIFIXION OF MADELINE McKAY (surrealist drama/stage play) Produced by: Missfit productions. Staged at: The Rosemary Branch Theatre (2009))


THE LANDLORD, THE MEDIUM, AND THE CHERUB  (Finalist in Commonword’s best new novelist competition (2008))