I’m Alex, witch and lover of all things mystical. I’ve been studying and practicing witching for 27+ years and I’m passionate about offering contemporary insights into the old ways through my

Women’s Circles


Intergrative Energy Healing Sessions

I also offer supervision for healers and training for those in the early stages of their awakening.

So whether you’re a beginner or experienced seeker there’ll be something here for you!

Plus I offer online services such as:

Oracle card readings (via email)

Bit more about me…

I’m also a qualified hypnotherapist, reflexologist, life coach, and Reiki Master.

I wrote the book Awaken Your Inner Faerie in 30 Days – learn to live from your creative core (published by O Books) and winner of Prediction Magazine’s best new self help book. And have written for an array of wellbeing magazines including: Soul and Destiny, Kindred Spirit and Prediction Magazine.

I’m also a playwright, screenwriter, and founder of MADA indie publishing collective (check out my creative writing section for more details)

My Pet Loves include:

Transcendental Meditation, kundalini yoga, laughing, the Universal Healing Dao, TV, movies, and resting me feet on furniture. Naps.

Pet Hates: Wasps (I mean, why?)

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Let your life sparkle! Xx

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