Instant Manifestation & L.I.F.E: an interview with Rena Wells.

renaRena renaWells has many strings to her bow. She’s a healer, intuitive, and author. Her wisdom is grounded, authentic, and oozes with well-being properties…a bit like honey. Channelled honey from the divine honey comb.
She has over twenty-eight years of experience – including clearing dense energies, ‘exorcisms’, channelling E.T’s, Angels, and The Light Council, giving her a strong sense of spiritual discernment. She has even worked on a number of murder cases in the Grey/Bruce Region.
Rena feels her purpose is to ‘authentically serve the Universe in full practice’. And is ‘humbled and grateful to help those who seek the light of God. Love is the only truth.’ This extends to her services – transmuting the dark into love and shining light to the hearts of many. Rena’s messages are for inner growth and healing and serve the highest good.
What intrigues me about Rena is the feeling that radiates from her words, messages, and beingness…it is palpable. With twenty-eight years’ experience, I wanted to know about her early life, how she ended up doing the work she does, (let’s face it, the careers advisor didn’t show her the way!) And about the message she received about the true meaning of LIFE. I wanted to know it ALL – but we started young.
‘I believe I was guided at a very young age to read. When I was eight years old I was taught tarot by an old gypsy woman who came to the cottage resort we went to every year. My mother is highly intuitive, but has always been afraid of her abilities. This woman, who I only saw that one week and never again, told me I had ability to see things and showed me how to trust, communicate and ask. This opened me to all spiritual practices. This was my first taste and I believe she was brought into my path for this specific reason. I knew I saw things that others didn’t for the elemental realm came through very clearly from the age of six and spirit guides that were close to me who would speak to me on a regular basis.’
Rena also has understanding of two of the major religions as she goes on to say, ‘My family were non-practicing Muslims, but my mother sent me to Sunday school so she could have free time and at that point I started to form a very close relationship with Jesus and the Angels. I would see Jesus clearly and hear him clearly and knew his teachings would be significant down the road. By the time I was fourteen I felt quite ready to read and started doing so with palm readings. It has always been natural for me. I never took medium or psychic classes, I basically just followed spirit’s guidance. It just seems it has always been placed into my path, divine intervention!’
This is what radiates from Rena – her firm trust in the divine, and in turn herself. Her intuitive abilities are skilled and precise. I always get excited when I meet people who simply know and trust their knowing. It’s empowering.
I asked her about the received message L.I.F.E with a gut-feeling it’d be grand – I wasn’t disappointed.
‘Everything spirit has told me about L.I.F.E is that it has nothing to do with our exterior world and that our exterior cannot exist without the creation from within.’
Hell yeah – sit with that a little while longer reader. Read it again. Write it out and stick it on your bathroom mirror, magnet it to the fridge, or gently tape it like a sandwich board to the dog (maybe not, but you get my gist). She adds,
‘Everything we perceive from the outside is a creation that was first formed out of thought with an emotional charge.’
Slow down reader. Let that bit sink in further… ‘Thought with an emotional charge.’
Contemplate this one – peacefully. Take this deep down into your belly brain, let it swirl about for a wee bit.
Thought. With an Emotional charge.
Rena also says the effect is instant. Instant manifestation.
‘I received images and information from the universe that our manifestations actually do happen instantly. We are so powerful that a dimension is created immediately when the thought occurs with an emotional charge and it is then our job to align to that vibration to see it in our 3D world. This is dimensional merging.’
Dimensional merging? Says the giddy goat me inside me, bouncing about in my inner field of poppies and sunflowers. Go on…
‘For instance, as soon as you think of something, if its energy is in the past you will energetically connect to that dimension (as it was already a pre-created dimension formed from the present moment by being in the Now). However, once you do that you will continue to create that dimension into the Now meshing those dimensions.  If you have a future idea, it will be created immediately in that dimension, already co-existing and can only appear once you align to it. Now let’s get a little abstract for instance mystical creatures.’
I’m all about abstract mystical creatures – I created a few when I was a child, they’re in my Faerie book, by now my giddy goat is so giddy it could leap mountains in a single bound.
dimension merging
‘If you think of a brand new creation of a mystical creature and you give it an emotional charge, then a dimension will be created instantaneously, however if it doesn’t fit into our 3D world it will overlap, as all dimensions are occurring in the Now. We have pre-determined beliefs around what can exist in our physical world and so manifesting these new mystical creatures into our 3D world can only happen once the mass consciousness tilts and foregoes all exterior belief systems. Creation happens when that passion and deep knowing and belief exists inside of you, there are no limits, it is the human mind that creates the limits.’
What does this mean to our lives?
‘There is no such thing as past lives, the dimensions are coexisting, overlapping like a cup inside of a cup inside of a cup over and over again. It’s following those energy ties to those dimensions. The more we heighten our 3D world and begin to truly understand how powerful we are, this is when we will start to see these dimensions clearly, and they will manifest physically.  I know this because I have seen the elemental world clear as day with my own physical eyes. It is the disbelief in magic that creates the separation. And so with L.I.F.E: Living Internal Freedom Everyday it helps bridge those dimensional separations, allowing dimensional merging with only the highest intent of creation. How ready are we to see and experience true creation and magic?’

I feel ready. How about you blog reader? Are you ready to ‘see and experience true creation and magic?’ Do you want to see, feel, and experience different dimensions…it’s all very exciting isn’t it?

‘Since I was 3 years old I have been able to consciously leave my body, another energy force comes into my body and holds that space while I travel. I have also held space for others, for instance I travelled to a car crash and went into a man’s body until he was ready to re-enter. My gatekeeper Hawk has helped me in the last 10 years to consciously leave my body and travel. When this happens I start to spin, feel dizzy, it gets faster and faster until I see specks of white light, like a million white feathers spinning all around me until it stops. I then open my eyes and I am in another dimension. I have had Mother Mary at my bedside praying with me. I have felt Jesus in my body as we merged as one being. I have seen and spoken to faeries, and leprechauns. I have also had dark entities try to possess me, attach and scare me. These things happen because I simply believe, it is that deep knowing that has opened these portals into other dimensions. Once there is doubt you can’t see the magic.’
I decided to ask Rena about ‘The Shift’ many of us are feeling at the moment. Some of you are even channelling about it. For many of you who’ve emailing me – experiencing The Shift is your first spiritual experience. The dreams, visits, and messages you share from around the world all contain a familiar image – the Yin Yang/Tai Chi Symbol shifting and moving into varying dark geometric shapes. The similarity in experience alludes to truth.
So I ask Rena if she feels it too.
‘I do feel the shift, however there is a huge misconception in the spiritual world that the dark from the yin-yang is dark energy. This isn’t so. The yin-yang is a natural balance, the honouring of both is needed for balance to occur, for we can’t have one without the other. The dark you speak about that needs to be transmuted into light doesn’t belong to the yin-yang, it is instead the lower emotions that tie an attachment to dark of the yin yang. That dark is the illusion, an entirely other entity created by fear we hold from within. Remember everything in our exterior is created from within. It is emotional waste that creates dark matter. The dark entities are souls, or other life forms who have consciously chosen to live in this emotional waste, they still have the yin-yang but because they are out of balance, their dark side will attach to that dark third energy and will continue to attract it and create it. Transmuting dark energy is not about transmuting the yin-yang, it is cutting the dark waste matter that has energetically attached and balancing that energy with the light so that it can either disappear or rebalance where it should be energetically. It hasn’t been effecting my work in all honesty. I continue to sit in the eye of the storm, as it all buzzes around me.’
So how can we help ourselves during this time of shifting sands?
‘Be honest with yourself 1000% not 100 a 1000! If something in your exterior world is troubling then that is sign that the answer is within. Own up. Speak truth from your gut, if you mess up, don’t self-shame, just do better next time. The clues to the answers you seek are within, the clues are given to you in your external world. Don’t judge how the clues come, they may feel unpleasant, but it’s a chance to see deeply inside of your soul, and what you are manifesting. Always, always seek within first. If you are honest with yourself the answers will come.’
Rena leaves us with perhaps one of the most pressing, important teachings as a gift. It is the encouragement to ‘Own Up’.
This is not a rallying cry to run naked through the streets singing ‘I am what I am!’ (You can if you want, if you do please YouTube it and send me a link) Her wisdom is softer than that. It’s about turning to face yourself. Each aspect of yourself – with acknowledgement, respect, kindness and love. To know yourself is the greatest gift you can give yourself. It is truly the gift. For to know you, is to know the entirety of the universe. Yes, even your shadow…you can find a soft way to embrace this too. In so doing, wholeness will be your prize. The time for your greatness is Now. There is nothing to fear in the Truth.
If you want to learn even more about Rena please visit her website HERE
Join Rena on Facebook HERE

Big Love to you!

Alex – Editor & Founder


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