Transcendence through the Radiance Technique™ – an interview with author Gaile Walker

florida-for-alex-1Gaile Walker’s is an authorised instructor of The Radiance Technique® and author of Beyond Angel’s which explores the benefits of taking a ‘consciousness first’ approach to healing and spiritual development. While I’ve only been practising transcendental meditation for a few months now, Gaile has been using transcendence in numerous capacities for most of her life. I felt fortunate getting the chance to dip into her mind on the vast topic that is transcendence.

Me: Transcendence is a word most of us have heard, but few comprehend fully.

Gaile: Transcendence is what we all are, our essence.  We are ‘Transcendent Awareness’. It is the deepest, most beautiful, peaceful, silent aspect of everything and everyone: beyond thought and the source of all there is. Making an effort to incorporate transcendence into individual awareness is the process of spiritual development. The easiest and quickest way of doing this is to use a mediation which directly accesses a transcendental light vibration – which emanates from transcendence – this will then reverberate through the physical body. Maintaining transcendence in awareness is a state of enlightenment. Knowing our true transcendent nature is to know ourselves fully and to perceive our connection with all living beings.

Me: Initially I was surprised by how fast, easy, and life enhancing transcendental meditation was and is. Was this your experience?

Gaile: I had been practising TM as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for 22 years (I had learnt at the age of 18) before I discovered the exceptional healing and meditation technique called The Radiance Technique® (I use the word ‘healing’ to mean becoming more inwardly aware and fulfilled).  The Radiance Technique® – also called Authentic Reiki® – has nothing to do with the many different reiki practices that abound. It is the complete, intact system consisting of seven degrees, rediscovered by Dr Usui, passed to Dr Hyashi, Hawayo Takata and – in its entirety – directly to Dr Barbara Ray Ph.D. Because of all my years’ transcendental meditating, I recognised that The Radiance Technique® worked at the same, deep level.  This new beginning was hugely exciting for me. It is quite the most expanding and versatile transcendental practice I have come across.  Suddenly, I was able to use a transcendental vibration, not only for meditation, but while active during the day, and, for as long, or as little, time as I wanted.  After studying The Second Degree of The Radiance Technique® I could direct a transcendental light vibration to all my life events, past, present and future – and more.  It has facilitated awakenings and supported a creativity, that I would never have thought possible. I became an Authorised Instructor of The Radiance Technique® in 2000 and have now used it daily for 19 years.  At the end of 2013 I had the great honour of travelling to Florida to receive The Seventh Degree from Dr Barbara Ray. clip_image002[2]

I should say here that Beyond Angels is not specifically about The Radiance Technique®. Nor does it represent TM. It is my personal view of the value of transcendent healing in general, also, opinions and advice in this interview are mine alone. However, during the last 41 years I have not come across any other method which crosses all boundaries and has the capacity to enhance other practices – be they devotional, secular or therapeutic – as The Radiance Technique® does. Unlike many other current teachings The Radiance Technique® is not – to use the generic term – man-made: it comes from transcendence.  If, in the future, I ever found a better technique, I would not hesitate to learn it; but this seems unlikely to me, considering its capacity.

My dedication to this profound sort of meditation has enabled life to flow with more ease and joy, a pure joy which comes from within, not from the outer aspect of life; but no meditation system is a panacea which removes all life’s challenges.  And not all techniques are so effective, life-enhancing and evolutionary. Having a meditation which directly connects the meditator to a pure transcendent vibration is like being a ship which has a strong anchor; it provides a silent, stable basis of awareness. This  facilitates the melting of the held patterns and impulses that prompt habitual action and promotes more spiritually evolutionary choices.  But, of course, what unfolds will be different for each individual.

Ultimately a good meditation will take us beyond the outer aspect of life to come to know the transcendent inner one. Shakespeare perfectly compared the world to a stage and life to a play: with enough dedicated practice, an effective meditation will show us what we really are in our essential nature and establish that knowledge in perception.  Then, when we become the transcendent observer of our own drama, life really will flow with greater ease.  And over and above any improvement in outer physical life, there are further stages of bliss and enhanced vision.

Me: You’ve been empowering people’s spiritual development for some time, what advice would you give to someone just becoming aware of the spiritual in their lives?


1. Never let anyone tell you that you are ‘not ready’ to use a powerful, effective transcendental technique.

2. Choose a meditation which is transcendental, which takes you beyond your mind. But be aware that as words such as ‘presence’, ‘transformational’, ‘enlightening’, ‘mindful’ and ‘transcendental’ seep into the vocabulary, many methods will be called this when they may not be.

3. Create a spiritual discipline in your life. You would not want to pass a day without brushing your teeth or showering, you would feel uncomfortable. Get into the habit of meditating regularly, then you will feel that something is missing when you don’t practice – this really helps.

4. Seek Grace from the Avatar – this is discussed fully in Beyond Angels.

5. Find a teacher who you feel lives a spiritual state of consciousness, but bear in mind that everything you assess and question, is through the light of your own consciousness. Every judgement you make, every response you receive will be determined by your own spiritual awareness.  It is the incorporation of a pure light vibration from transcendence that will expand it spiritually – nothing less. There are teachers (some very much in the public eye) who have gained spiritually from powerful transcendent techniques, yet teach something else (often something man-made and less profound).  I wonder why they do not want to spread the teaching that has benefited them so much. I can only conclude it is to be a bigger cog in a smaller wheel.

6. It’s supportive to remember that all experience comes and goes – whether within meditation or outside it – the goal is to cease to be attached to any experience or to the outcome of any activity, but to become aware that you are the transcendent observer of your physical outer life.

7. It is good to understand that ‘psychic seeing’ is not necessarily spiritual development.

8. It is helpful to know that it is possible to act from habit, even when believing that a choice is being made. Creating transcendence in awareness is to create the liberating space from which more evolutionary choices will arise.

Me: It sounds like you feel there are limitations in the New Age movement? Why do you think these limitations developed? How do we overcome them?


Gaile: Systems with limitations have developed because everything we are and do is a reflection of consciousness, therefore getting caught up in practices which are not always as evolutionary as they could be is a reflection of where people are in terms of their awareness. The collective consciousness of the New-Age/mind-body-spirit movement is a representation of its members and has predominantly focused on an outer-to-inner approach to achieve transformation (and in this category I would include such practices as visualisation). Expanding awareness to include transcendence is the easiest and fastest way to overcome any limitations: this is what I call in Beyond Angels a ‘consciousness-first’ approach.

We talk about ‘healing’ and ‘meditation’ as though they are one activity, as though the many different methods used all access the same healing energy and all achieve the same outcome.  I do not believe this to be the case.  In my view there are many healings and many meditations and some of these are helpful for the expansion of awareness, others are not. The main limitations as I see them – and these are all discussed in detail in Beyond Angels – are the following beliefs and activities:

  • That all healing creates a pure transcendent connection;
  • That psychic ability is indicative of being highly spiritually developed;
  • That suffering is essential for spiritual progress;
  • That spiritual change takes place without effort;
  • That visualisations are the most effective form of meditation
  • Complacency

The latter is the most common (even amongst seasoned meditators who feel better for their practice). So many times I read that we are all one, that we will all achieve this realisation; yet I consistently see people doing absolutely nothing to achieve it.  I do not hold the opinion that any great spiritual shift will happen without a deep desire and co-operation. I really believe that you have to want this liberation more than anything else.

Me:  I recently read an article in which you say ‘Our world will not become gentle on its own, it needs intense desire, strength – and accuracy in the form of pure, direct, and therefore powerfully effective, transcendent techniques – to destroy negativity.’ It set me thinking about my own internal transformational practices and whether they are enough. Where could a spiritual activist’s start? 


Gaile: Begin with your awareness, your consciousness, with transcendence.  It is the beginning and end of everything.  It is worth remembering that every time you hold fast onto intentions, even when they are for change towards a better life or world, you are creating a thought-structure which may propel you back to this dense physical existence.  I believe it is helpful also to hold the wish that you will live a life which is fulfilled and liberated through the growth of inner peace and silence,  alongside this aspiration bring the addition of a pure transcendental light vibration to expand and support your earthy desires. This will also be liberating.

Take an inner-to-outer approach to your practice (a consciousness-first approach): it is much easier than just the outer-to-inner which is often based on analysis and intellectual understanding, but which fails to dissolve the unconscious impulses which lie at the base of behaviour. This will also support any outer-to-inner route. Expand your awareness and you will automatically change your world.  Bring light into the world through your own development and you will not only help yourselves, but will also help others, simply by being with them.  Become Self-realised and you will truly be of help: you will touch both others and the world with ‘Transcendent Grace’.

lautzu1Me: That takes Discipline, with a capital D.

Gaile: Discipline in spiritual practice has so often been associated with monks who lock themselves away to lead lives of endurance and discomfort.  The shifts that have taken place in the collective consciousness have allowed what was once secret knowledge now to be studied by a wider population.

When I talk about discipline, I talk about it not in terms of difficult meditation, but in terms of creating a spiritual determination and regular practice. That is all. Not to give up what you do, not to use a difficult meditation method that has to be overcome (in fact quite the opposite, the easier the system the better).  Using a transcendent technique is the most helpful way of achieving silence in meditation.  The good experience of this, because it is so freeing and enjoyable, is supportive in terms of creating a spiritual determination which will carry you through the difficult patches. Only one profound experience will remain in the memory.

It goes against modern, fashionable viewpoints to say that there is a stage of development which is worthy of the name enlightenment. It is no longer popular to believe that we should have a goal.  But, I think, bearing this goal of enlightenment in mind helps people to keep meditating, especially when times are tough.

The outer aspect of life will never fulfil you totally and will be stripped away, if not in life, at the end of life.  Then all you will have is your awareness, hopefully one which has been expanded to perceive your true nature through a disciplined practice.

Grab a copy of Gaile’s book Beyond Angels by clicking here

Check out her website here.

Big love to you all!


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