Who does the UK think she is?

refugeesThe UK is experiencing identity crisis. We just can’t seem to decide what are principles are – what we stand for collectively. Or rather, our shifting principles are somewhat disturbing in their fluidity. We come across as shifty, selfish, self-involved and greedy. Well, come on, how else do we expect rejecting dying refugees to be conceptualised by ourselves and others?

If the UK were an individual, she’d be in serious trouble. She’d be in throws of a nervous breakdown. The incongruence between her false-self and real-self so vast she’d be rapped with anxiety, trapped within a sense of non-reality, and at worse – heart crippling numbness. Perhaps, even delusion, paranoia, and explosive defensive anger would be her communication style as a result.

Most of us have been there in our own lives. We are socialized into values that no longer make sense as we age. Hypocrisy within the self tears us apart in our twenties or thirties when we realise these Western values either don’t make sense, conflict, or are impossible to reconcile with who we truly are within. Our true nature is Divine nature – it is Love. And Love gives.

Living within and being part of a hyper-capitalist society will do that to us though. Its hypocrisy splits us in two. I mean, it stands to reason that values of consumer individualism are not natural conductors of human happiness surely? These values are inhumane. They conflict with being human. Yet we’ve been led to believe such values are conducive for healthy decision-making, happiness, well-being, and offers the capacity for creating co-operative communities. The reality is far from this. So far from this that you’d break your neck trying to leap over the chasm it creates.

Like an individual, the UK doesn’t know what her inner truth is anymore. (If she ever did.) She talks about being borne of Christian values. Yet her behaviour of aggressively protecting her boarder shows she doesn’t really believe in all that Jesus stuff. Yes, the UK hasn’t found a way to walk her truth to real freedom. She’s locked in an invisible paranoid cage. Seemingly she’s forgotten she is her ‘brother’s keeper’. Only she doesn’t forget. She knows. So, inevitably, just as the individual uses defense mechanisms to protect the self – she’s become reactionary. Projecting blame, slipping into denial, and re-framing the deaths of thousands of frightened people in order to suppress reality and stop the rise of uncomfortable feelings attached to living the lie of a fragmented identity.

The UK needs compassion. Just as the refugees do. The UK suffers from her own fear-based belief that everyone wants what she has, is out to get her, deep down hates her and wants to abuse her – she is terrorized by her own projections. By her delusional belief that only she is of value and everyone else is feeding off her like vampires in the dark night. Yet the dark night is an illusion she is creating to remain isolated. Cut off from compassion. Cut off from the world. Cut off from her real power to make any real authentic contribution to the world. And all to maintain her delusional belief that everyone needs, feeds off, and uses her. If the UK were an individual – they would need professional help.

The UK needs help to reach beyond fear. That’s how the UK will recover from this lapse in normal healthy functioning. We all deep down know that growth occurs in our own individual lives the moment we challenge our false notions about ourselves and others. When we take a chance to move beyond our limiting beliefs. When we choose courage over cowardliness. When we lay aside our own vulnerabilities to help the more vulnerable is when we claim our true power. The power of compassion. Then we close the gap between the real and illusionary self to become whole.

For the UK to remember herself, she simply needs to contemplate whether she believes in doing unto others what she would have them do unto her. 

The UK just needs to simplify. If we simplify our principles, we can easily see if we are walking our talk. And spot when we act in accord, or merely speak platitudes. It is time for the UK to decide – do we want to be the United Kingdom of Compassion? Or the divided Kingdom of Paranoia?

It is in the heart of her citizens that the decision will be made.

One love.

Alex Clarke – founder & editor 

PS: Here is Refugee Action’s website if you’d like to support change.

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