Talking Reiki, belief and healing with Deborah Lloyd – author of ‘Believe and it is true’

reikiDeborah Lloyd’s book ‘believe and it is true’ is a personal story of transformation. At three years old Deborah was stricken with polio, she later developed post-polio syndrome. Wanting an alternative to the stark reality of losing the use of her legs for a second time, she delved into holistic alternatives. She believes what she discovered can change our view on health and well-being. She shares her discoveries in the book ‘Believe and it is true’. One aspect of Deborah intrigues me more than any other and that’s her determination.


Deborah: Determination is a quality of mine about which people often comment! I do think I learned determination way back when I was a little girl, learning to walk again at the age of 3 years old, after losing the use of my legs from having polio. I learned that if you want something in life, go after it and stick with it, until you succeed – no matter how impossible it may seem. I feel blessed to have grown up in a family where religious beliefs were strong. For me, religious practices were always about prayer, talking to various spiritual beings. During my ventures into a broader understanding of spirituality, I have always appreciated the roots of my faith.

Me: Yes, in your book you talk not only of polio, but the later development of post-polio syndrome. Your healing journey is remarkable. Can anyone manifest a healing journey? And where would we start?

Deborah: Yes, I believe anyone can manifest a healing journey. The first step – believe it is possible to get better! Everyone has something that needs healing – low self-esteem, substance abuse issues, physical problems, relationship difficulties, lack of confidence, the list goes on. No two healing journeys look the same! But, once you begin to accept the fact healing is possible, your thoughts and beliefs change. You become open to new possibilities, and the Universe will place the right people, books, programs, and other opportunities right in your lap! It’s truly amazing.

reikiprinciplesinbambooMe: You mention Reiki in your book also. As a Reiki healer I’m particularly interested in how you feel Reiki enabled your recovery.

Deborah: Reiki played a large part in my healing journey. I come from a traditional background, in religion, growing up on a farm, etc. I was experiencing chronic fatigue, as a result of post-polio syndrome and had started on a medication, with some slight improvement. A co-worker encouraged me to try Reiki, which did sound woo-woo to me, but finally I decided to try it, nothing to lose. And, I felt a lifting of the fatigue during the first session. Soon, I became trained in Reiki and have been using it daily for over 13 years. But, the most important part of Reiki in my journey? It has to do with the fact that Reiki opened me up to many new possibilities of healing! With discernment, I explored other healing modalities and much of my healing work was with a shamanic intuitive healer. If I had not experienced Reiki, I would have never considered that modality! Reiki is an energy-healing modality, and my understanding of the mind/body/spirit connection continues to grow daily. For example, if I get stressed out at work, I take some time to breathe deeply, take note of what I am saying to myself, remember to ask for spiritual guidance, watch what I eat – it’s all connected.

Me: ‘Believe And It Is True’ sounds simple – but belief can be difficult to cultivate. Any tips?

Deborah: Belief is a lifelong practice, and it is typical to struggle with spiritual beliefs! First, we have to become aware of and identify what our beliefs are! While that may sound obvious, many times we think, act and react out of a set of beliefs – without realizing that is what we are doing. Probably, one of the best things that happens in the healing journey is affirmation! When you develop spiritually, many signs and synchronicities occur in your life, giving you the message you are on track! Reading other people’s stories is a joy – and affirmation – to me. Receiving my own signs are truly a great blessing. Once you set an intention – in this case, believe and it is true – wonderful things will happen!


Wonderful things are happening. If you are reading this and are experiencing some bodily discomfort or illness I wish you a speedy recovery. Illness and injury are not failures, they are experience. The more we can assimilate our experiences, the closer we get to understanding ourselves fully. Myself, well, I’ve been getting those lovely juicy segments of synchronistic magic Deborah discusses. I’m on my own physical healing mission too. Recovering from my knee injury has been a paradoxical blessing. Sure, no one likes wincing when they bend, yet the message from my body is summed up in one word – Balance.

As Deborah says, everything is connected. And interconnected. My knees are a symbolic reminder to flow. To work with, not against, nature. To allow support from others. Since my knees gave way, so have my addictions to nicotine, my love of alcohol and my paradigms on aging have been deeply challenged. All were sorely needed. That’s all my body was saying…balance. (Oh AND find a tai chi class.) I hope you discover what your body is whispering to you too.

You can buy Deborah’s book here and check out her website here
You can follow her on twitter @deblloydhealing

Big love!


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