Creativity & intuition – an interview with creatrix Sara Martin

sara martinSara Martin is a Soul Realignment® Practitioner – helping clients to clear their soul level blocks and restrictions. She’s also a brilliant metalsmith and jewelry designer, specializing in custom healing talismans! She makes a whole array of energetically resonant gemstones and spirit animal talismans. They are gorgeous – take a peek. I wanted to know how she ended up doing the mystical work she does (I’m a curious old cat after all) Here’s what she had to tell us…

Well, as I look back, every experience I’ve had so far has led me here. I guess you could say I’ve always been on this path, I just can’t always see where it leads and I have no idea where I’ll end up!’

Sara sound like the kinda woman who is guided by her creativity, I admire that, it takes guts – and intuition. Intuition, I hear you say. Isn’t that just desire in disguise? The short answer is – no. As Sara says,

Our intuition is the inner compass or guidance system with which we are all born. When it’s awakened and honed, it can assist us in everything, from making the decision on which route is safest when driving to determining if the person we’re on the verge of entering into relationship with is worth it. It is up to us to learn what the cues are and understand how our intuition speaks to us personally. Everyone is different in this respect.’

Sara is an intuition advocate, so much so she offers people (YOU) free advice on awakening your own.

‘I have a free report available-Empower Your Life by Trusting Your Intuition- to download on my website. When people sign up for the mailing list they get it automatically. It’s simple, but not necessarily easy! It is a matter of quieting your analytical mind/ego and listening. Intention is everything.’

Yes, it certainly is! We hear a lot about the Ego in spiritual circles though, yet Sara puts it like this…

‘From a spiritual development frame of reference, ego is what keeps us safe, and we need it to navigate physical life. It alerts us to danger. It keeps us in our comfort zone. But when we are seeking to experience new things or create a new result in our lives, the ego can keep us stuck where we are, because in order to experience new things, we must take new actions, which are usually scary. The ego kicks in with its warnings of danger and if we don’t recognize this when it is happening, we end up never taking new action and we don’t get the new experience/result. And then we never change or grow.’

I asked Sara what her experience of quieting the Ego has been like. She reassuringly honest.

‘Very challenging to say the least! But I do feel like I’m getting to the point where I can recognize it when it’s happening, and I am able to head it off at the pass, so to speak. I will say this however: it never goes away. And really, we wouldn’t want it to. No matter how often you try new things, whether it’s in your relationships, your personal development, your career, the ego will always be there, to keep you in your box of perceived safety.’

I ask her more about Soul Realignment – curious as always, since I’d not experience it myself.

saras creations

‘Soul Realignment® is amazing and powerful work for those who are ready to step into their power. It allows the client to have a profound understanding of how their choices shape their experience. What we do during a reading is clear soul-level blocks and restrictions that keep the client from accessing their innate soul gifts. The other part of this work is discovering who we are at soul level; our primary energy centers and soul group of origination, and much more.’

Oh my! What is a soul block? Why do they occur? (They also sound bloody painful)

‘Soul blocks or restrictions are created when we make negative choices. Negative choices, made consciously or unconsciously (usually unconsciously!) move us away from our divinity. Positive choices- those aligned with Divine Love and Truth- move us closer to our divinity and our gifts. When I access the client’s Akashic Record, I am able to uncover past negative choices they’ve made and the blocks that were created as a result. I can help them see how these past choices are playing out in their lives currently, then I can then guide them in making new choices- aligned to their divinity- more easily available. The thing that constantly amazes me about Soul Realignment® is its immense practical value.’

It sounds practical and essential! And I’m led to thinking about another of Sara’s own choices – to work with animal guides. I too work with our Animal Spirit friends and wanted to know how she experienced our feathery, furred, and scaled allies.

‘I see spirit animals and their physical manifestations (actual animals) as individuated expressions of Divine Source, just as we are. They all carry an energetic signature/vibration. It doesn’t matter what our belief system or spiritual tradition, as long as we’re open to assistance and guidance, they are eagerly awaiting our request for help. Sometimes they have messages of power to deliver, at other times they come to show us a shadow aspect of ourselves on which we need to shine light.’

sara shadow

Good old shadow work! I asked Sara how she’s been integrating her own shadow aspect

‘I am currently working with my shadow aspect and in my experience, it has proven to be a multi-faceted phenomenon affecting various areas of my life, going back in time at least a decade and with roots in past life experiences and negative choices. My own healing has been facilitated using Soul Realignment® and I have been blessed with the additional perspective of the shadow animal, which strongly validates the information gained from working in the Akashic Records. In May 2015 I actually wrote a blog post sharing my own story with the intent to process the experiences for myself in the hope that it would also help others.’

Check it out for yourself lovely blog reader by clicking here

Like me, Sara lives fully and passionately with her creativity. I ask her how she feels about the creative arts as a healing tool for self and others.

‘Creativity, in the conventional sense of creating a tangible thing or in a more abstract sense, can be a lifesaver. Personally speaking, it’s helped me process inner experiences and has been a healing agent of sorts. Regarding the custom talismans I create, they are intended to represent a spiritual process/experience and act as a reminder of the “invisible” support we all have access to.’

sara wolf

Custom talismans! They are so beautiful! So… how unearth does she makes them?

‘It depends on the client’s wishes and intent. If they want a gemstone talisman, I find out from them what they wish to heal/clear/strengthen (spiritually/emotionally) and that information, along with my intuition, helps me determine which stones to use. Healing affirmations customized for each client accompany the necklace. For spirit animal talismans, after the client contacts me I meditate and ask the animal to come forward. To facilitate the client’s personal connection with their animal I share with them a meditation to help them attune to the creature.’ 

For the actual creation of the pieces I use traditional metalsmithing techniques to fabricate a one-of-a-kind heirloom treasure. Uniqueness and attention to detail are priorities for me and I thoroughly enjoy crafting these pieces.’

They really are beautiful. And so is Sara. The time, thought, care and intuition, she places into her healing and creative work is invigorating… I’m off to see if she has any cat totems on offer…

Big love to you all!

Alex Clarke

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