Dance of the Veils – by Mumtaz Sodha

Dance of the Veils InannaThe dance of the veils is depicted by Inanna who was the Queen of the Heavens descent to the Underworld, to her sister Ereshkigal. She unveils and leaves each part of herself behind at each of the Seven Gates to the Underworld. Her persona, her belongings, her baggage.  She present herself naked and authentic to her sister Ereshkigal who kills and leaves her core hanging on a tree in the Underworld for seven days. She is helped by her trusted Priestess Ninsubur who prays to the Gods to help Inanna.  Inanna is revived and reborn again, now the Queen of the Heaven and the Earth.

Are you intrigued enough to explore what the dance of the veils means to You?

Do you have the courage to face that which is hidden within your depths?

Are you ready to unveil Yourself?

In between the worlds of sleep and dreams, half-awake half asleep hangs a veil that covers all the mysteries of the Soul.  I find myself looking at this soft airy and translucent veil as it hangs suspended.   I hear the faint sound of anklet bells as the intoxicating footsteps get closer an aroma of musk fills the air blurring my senses.  Drums beats of a tabla and the soft flute that sends me into an ethereal world.  Then I see Her in her glory, she stands before me laden with jewels, covered with a transparent silken fabric yet bare to the eye.  She is dancing moving Her sensual body to the beat of the drum. I see parts of her body covered yet not covered playing with illusion.  She dances around me Her Body flowing and swaying like a serpent.  She beckons me to follow her;

Come my Priestess are you ready to dance the dance of the veils?

I look at her bewildered yet intrigued, her sensual form moving still to the beat of the drum and hypnotising my senses.

It is Me my daughter, Inanna or Ishtar as I am also called.  I am here to initiate you through the seven veils are you ready? Are you ready to dance your dance? Are you ready to reveal the true essence of who you are? Are you ready to face your hidden parts and to unveil each part layer by layer? Come take my hand I will guide you through the dance of the veils.  I will become your teacher and you will learn to dance and command yourself through this journey.  It is a commitment that will mean many sacrifices of what you believe to be real.  You will face each illusion and dance the dance of seen and unseen.  You will learn to manoeuvre between the worlds and command your world.  Not all needs to be seen by all, yet you need to know what to keep hidden only for yourself.  You can only discern once you are aware of what it is that you hide even from yourself.

With these words She stood in front of me and looks deep into my eyes, Her eyes are as dark as the night sky mysterious ad mesmerising.  She then unveils her face so that I can see her beauty radiant and luminous.  I am so enthralled that I feel myself moving closer each cell of mine is drawn to Her and I feel my form melting.  Bonding and merging with Hers.  I slowly touch my face I can no longer separate what is Me and what is Her.  I begin to sway and move with the sounds of the Ethereal beat.  The dance begins.

Much Love,

Mumtaz – founder of Surya Therapy 

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