Surrendering is not a thought driven process, it is all feeling – by Rena Wells

rena2When I was asked to be a regular columnist for Being Through Balance and Bliss, I was ecstatic, and not for the obvious reasons you would think! Yes I had the expected human response of pure joy that I was finally paying homage to my dreams of being a published  author, but there was more. It hit a deep cord in my heart, that radiated an energetic cord to my power chakra, expressing a solidified inner knowing that I am finally standing strong in my  power.

A few days prior I had experienced a final grand lesson in breaking my ego relationship patterns, and surrendering  it all to the Universe. Once I let go and stood strong in my truth so many doors opened up. I knew this was a final test, to see how ready I truly was to open my heart to the love of my life, the sacred union that I knew existed in the vibration of the fifth dimension! Freedom continues to grow with every step I take as I continue to firmly speak my truth. I realized the Universe was also writing me, and giving me an opportunity to speak to the topic of surrender. Perfect timing for my first column!

We hear it all the time in the spiritual community. “Let it go, release that, Let Go and Let God, clear it…” we say these things, but in actuality do we truly feel it? Do we do the metaphysical work by taking true ownership of our personal feelings? This may become a monotonous theme throughout my writing, but I am a huge advocate for inner work, and why not? All of our spiritual masters and teachers have spoken to the topic that all is within and it truly is!

Spirit channeled a message through me many years ago, it is the real meaning of L.I.F.E which stands for Living Internal Freedom Everyday. It has been a motto I have lived, breathed, ate, screamed, laughed, and cried about, deep in my core for many years. It truly has brought me peace and freedom. How do we experience this peace and freedom exactly? Surrender.

Surrendering is not a thought driven process,  it is all feeling. Wading through the dense swamp of our emotions can be difficult, but the secret to surrendering is to take the mind out of the equation all together. Once we think about why we feel a certain way, or what triggered us to feel that emotion, or where it came from, the mind gets involved and before you know it you are ready to throw back some wine and call it a night. Avoidance is a great ego coping mechanism of the psyche to resist and not own up. It is a conditioning many humans have learned. It takes great courage to truly look within, without beating ourselves up! By placing self kindness at the forefront as these feelings rise from the depths of our core, then simply allowing the feelings to be as they are, makes the process of acknowledgment, owning, and releasing a much smoother ride. Get ready for this tid bit of truth I have learned:

Nothing from our exterior is the cause of our emotions. Nothing!

I can hear the ego screaming and becoming defiant, and that’s OK! Recognize that this is the way of the mind! Defiance and defending is a sure fire way to create more avoidance to the emotions that continue to surface! When we allow the feelings to just be, sitting with them and honoring them for what they are, not resisting, not questioning, but simply releasing and letting go in a safe manner, then your personal gateway to freedom, self empowerment and your God Self opens. Once the flood gates are opened, that’s it, self actualization is on its way! So you see, surrendering is not thinking about a situation, asking god and the angels to cut the ties, although that’s all good.  Oh no! There is much more work to be done. It’s the full authentic ownership of the emotions. Surrendering to them. So they can escape the human vessel in the form of screams out into the night, pounding fists into your pillow, or simply wallowing and crying in the shower. They have to come out, and safely. Forcing the release will ignite the ego and the thought process. When we allow the body to respond and do what it’s meant to do, the releasing may be uncontrollable, but this is the space that creates faith in the Universe. When the releasing is complete you will know for the emotional energy will subside.

We all have different frequencies of emotions we have suppressed, so please take the time to do what is right for you.  Following your personal inner guidance and trusting what resonates in your soul will open the doors to the Universe, allowing a guiding force into your life. Trusting the inner gut, will build faith and the universe will answer every time when the intention is from a place of healing and a true desire for peace, happiness, and abundance.

Many a night, after a crying release, the peace would come to me as angel wings swaddling my body to sleep, and as I would drift I knew the creator force was holding and comforting me. I surrendered and trusted, and with that came faith.

We have ingrained beliefs not to feel. Conditioning has taught us as young children to suppress, to stop crying, do not be sensitive, when the truth of the matter is that we are all very highly sensitive beings. We are re-learning how to be our true selves again, how to properly feel again! It’s our birthright that was taken from us, not by fault of any particular individual, but by a societal norm that feelings and having a sensitive nature attributes to being weak. I beg to differ. I have found my sensitivity has been my greatest strength!

I fully understand how scary this may sound, facing our emotions after years of stifling them is a huge step in spiritual practice. Yes we all have some form of dark pain matter sitting in our bodies for many years, but it has to come out! If you deeply desire peace and freedom, surrendering to those emotions is what will bring you the joy and abundance. Yes it will take work, and yes surrendering is a process that will take many stages and most importantly time.  But let me ask you this one question, how has resistance been working for you?

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