Where is God? And why is there not a Goddess? – an interview with Mumtaz Sodha, founder of Surya Therapy.

Mumtaz Sodah
Mumtaz Sodah

Mumtaz Sodha, is founder of Surya Therapy. She’s an intuit, holistic psychotherapist, healer, and writer! Wow, there’s a lot of passion working through this woman eh! She has dedicated her life to awakening and reclaiming the Feminine – empowering men and women to reclaim fragmented parts of themselves through her specialist therapies and treatments which facilitate the healing process. She’s been trained in Usui Reiki and Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy. Her work brings together Modern Alchemy with Ancient Healing through the modalities of Psychotherapy and Reiki. She’s assisted in her work by Beings of Light from the Angelic and Divine Realms.

So you could get to know her even better, we had a conversation about her life journey so far. What brought her to the work she does now? And why is ‘what is my life purpose?’ the most commonly asked question among spiritual people. Why are we, as spiritually focused people, so driven to find a ‘right’ path?

‘I can’t answer this question for anyone else, but in my experience I was always searching even as a child.  Maybe it was my dissatisfaction with my external world that led me on the search.  Or maybe I had an innate longing of connection with a source greater than my own. It was the combination of the longing and my in built nature of curiosity.  I was never able to take things as they were, I always wanted to understand them on a deeper level through my own internal understanding. So I was forever questioning my perception and others perception of the world and how it was perceived.’

Sound familiar? I can certainly identify!

‘I can’t say that I was searching for any ‘right’ path, but I was searching for that which I found some comfort or resonance with. It was an insatiable search, once I had embarked on the journey I couldn’t settle.  It was this force within me that drove me and the external synchronicities that led me from one thing to another fueling my passion.


At aged five, I had an outer body experience and started to question. If I wasn’t the body, then what or who was I? Where did I reside? I was driven by questions. The burning questions for me were: Why am I here? Where is God? And why is there not a Goddess? Where are the women in religion? Why, if God made everyone, would he favour some over others? What is the difference between me and those people that I considered great human beings such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa etc? Surely this is not just it? Am I the body? If I am, then what is the Soul?

I don’t believe in the ‘right’ path or ‘life purpose’ as I’ve been shown many times that what I think I know is always evolving and my consciousness is always expanding. Whatever I perceive to be right for me in this second could change in the next.  So I now live in Surrender as I feel that’s the only way to live.  Doesn’t mean I don’t struggle at times, but once I do surrender and allow the Divine force to guide me and use me as the Vessel.  That’s when mysteries unfold and miracles happen.  I’m no longer grasping – I am allowing and receiving.’

It’s an age old question, but I’m asking it anyway – do you feel the path of Surrender was a choice, or a path you were destined to find?

‘I think that we think in a very liner way as human beings living in this Earth dimension.  What we cannot comprehend is our Eternal nature.  Understanding or illumination of our true nature comes and goes as we struggle on this Earthly plane between being in the physical body and the Cosmic Soul.  This struggle is the essence of our journey here on Earth and the way we overcome the obstacles and evolve through our trials and tribulations is our life path.  Otherwise why would we be here on Earth?’

Yes, we are each a seed struggling to break our casing to germinate, root ourselves, then expand through dark earth towards the sun. I often feel in my own life that each twist and turn was perfect – it strengthen my ability not only to empathize and love, but also to be creative.

‘What talents, abilities and gifts each individual discovers through this journey helps to convey how they decide to live their lives and their level of consciousness will determine how they use their talents and gifts in the world.  Even these talents and gifts are what have accumulated over many lifetimes.  So how much of what we decide is actually choice is also open to debate.  If our karma accumulated positive and negative over life times teamed with our level of consciousness, is what makes our choice. Then are we actually choosing and deciding for ourselves?  I think that the choice and decisions we have to make is how are we going to perceive what happens in our lives.  How we perceive our lives to be will determine the actions we take.’


What was your twisting-turning story of finding the sun?

‘For me, life is a tapestry of unfolding mystery. What I perceive to be my life path could change at any given time.  It was this magical journey that excited and enthralled me and has kept me on this wild adventure.

My journey has been all about peeling away the layers of illusion that kept me away from myself.  A lot of my journey was forged in the fires of my own revelations and the melting away of all that felt comfortable and secure.  Delving into the void, the emptiness, the darkness and the shadows.  Learning to hold myself in those moments of pain, uncertainty and anguish.  Learning to seek support and help. Allowing people to help me; to love me. Even when I found it hard to love myself.’

Dear blog reader, I’m sure, like me, you are moved by these words of courage. For anyone on the journey towards unconditional self-love knows the necessary healing shadow it casts. As Mumtaz says, may we all have the courage to go – ‘Delving into the void, the emptiness, the darkness and the shadows.’ This process is the greatest gift you can give yourself. It extends beyond you too as Mumtaz goes on to explain.

‘I’m a firm believer that if you cannot do these things for yourself, you cannot hold another’s pain.  It is often the wounded healers that become the beacons of light for others and I feel that this has been my journey.  I hold people in sacred space in many ways through my healing modalities and treatments, in psychotherapy, through my intuitive readings, and writing or through creating sacred space for women or the Earth to heal.

All that I do at present are all ways of expressing that which is flowing through me to be expressed.  I had no idea that I would be doing any of the things that I am embarking on at present.  I was led from one thing to another by following my inner nudging, intuition and messages.  Like a giant treasure hunt of sorts and I have no idea where I will be taken to next, or why! Only that I cannot ignore the Calling, I’m so taken over by the energy at times, that I cannot rest till I have allowed the expression is some way.  I guess if I go into details, I’ll need to write a book because my journey has so far been like a web of interconnectedness.’

(Please write your book Mumtaz!)

It occurs to me while speaking that Mumtaz radiates something of the divine feminine. That she has accepted her womanhood in a way that speaks to my own. I grow curious about her experience of the divine feminine awakening. Is it something she’s felt? image

(When I say curious, I mean my excited kitten-self emerged – the part that sees a ball of string and dives incoherently towards it. A tangle of questions always results)

Have you felt the feminine awakening? The rising? Do you experience the Goddess? How? Embodied? As an external force? Has the Goddess always been present? Or an aspect she’s had to re-discover? (Meow- meow-murr…string lies everywhere)

Mumtaz is calm…

‘This question is something I have to completely soak into my consciousness before I can answer fully with my own truth.’

(My Kitten-self wants to curl up on Mumtaz’s knee.)

Mumtaz goes on to say…

‘I was born into a Muslim family, however my family was very open minded and very inclusive.  So I had the freedom to question, to consider, and to delve into parts of myself.  Even as a child I was very inquisitive and couldn’t follow teachings without understanding the concepts and satisfying my idea of my perceived Divinity or way of being.’

I contemplate my own family…Irish Catholicism mixed with Celtic paganism. My hidden parentage, untold stories, tri-heritage…My kitten-self is soothed into slumber…

‘I never really understood religion and its constraints and questioned if there was one God why did each religion feel that they had preferential access to Him.  At that time I had not considered the feminine as Divine. As I grew up and became an adolescent I questioned women’s roles in Islam and couldn’t understand the restrictions placed on women compared to men.  I searched very hard and long for any representative of women as equal to men, but found none.  I became disillusioned and apathetic, I felt this endless struggle to seek the answers to my questions about the missing feminine.  I questioned, yet I found no answers. I was asked not to question and to follow, yet my heart was not satisfied.  As much as I tried to follow without questioning, it left a void inside so deep that I couldn’t fill it with the external.

Then life took over as it does and I tried to get by in the external world with this internal struggle.  It was the death of my mother that led me into the depths of despair and to question my own existence.  I found no solace in religion and I decided at this point I didn’t believe in a God, not the God that was portrayed in any religion.  As I had discovered that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all follow the same strand of teachings and share the some of the same prophets and teachings.  They all, in my opinion, shared the lack of the feminine presence.’

A memory surfaces in me of being a little girl sat in church.  I’m looking at the Stations of the Cross. I’m looking at the statues, the priest, the parishioners. And my little girl-self hears her own voice say, ‘where am I?’ I remember being confused by my own question, only in retrospect realizing I referred to the Divine Feminine.

‘For a while I was in this agonizing place of nothingness, I felt such guilt for denouncing my faith in religion and I kept it to myself as I felt in danger of being ostracized by my community so  I even joined in to keep approval. 

This period of my life was a darkness that I cannot describe. It was an especially painful stage. In it, I experience death and rebirth of sorts. When I emerged out of this phase of my life I rediscovered my love of psychology and enrolled on a psychotherapy course.  This course was my ongoing search for the answers within myself, it led me onto a journey of self-discovery.  It was in this search that I feel I found the feminine.  Through the rediscovering of my own self.  It was this journey that took me to Glastonbury and I felt I heard her call.  When I look back now at the events of my life, I believe that she was always there for me to rediscover her, her search has been the essence and the driving force of my life. I can only say that now looking back, the feeling of deep longing was what kept me going throughout those dark moments.  I felt it was her call that kept me going on that search for her.’

Mumtaz’s honesty leaves me in awe. Here is a woman with courage. Her honesty provokes a flood of bitter-sweet remembrance of my own journey within me.  I smile into the space we share. Here in lies the power of women authentically sharing our stories with each other – it lends power and light. Just one of the many benefits of women reconnecting to the Divine Feminine. Mumtaz continues…

‘From personal experience I feel that it is essential for all women to reconnect to the Divine Feminine as in the collective female psyche there is this longing.  As a collective female consciousness we are in need of healing and reconnection to the fragmented parts of ourselves.  Patriarchy has affected us all by the portrayal of the subordination of women, consciously and unconsciously, we as women have only given credit to the masculine part of ourselves, the men in society have also completely denied their feminine part. I truly believe the chaos and destruction we are witnessing on the planet at this time is because of this imbalance and the denial of the feminine Divinity.  We are treating the planet Earth as we are the women in our societies, we are disconnected to nature and the Earth we live on.  Just as we are disconnected to the feminine divinity within us.’

YES YES YES – I couldn’t agree more!

‘Patriarchal thinking in women has destroyed Sisterhood and instead replaced it with competitiveness and insecurity.  Not only in religion, but the media and its portrayal and misrepresentation of the feminine has affected our thinking in every aspect of our lives.’

I nod so much in agreement my neck aches.

source-258x300‘Through connecting with Divine Feminine we as women tap into an energy that is not apparent in our Society at present.  We learn to look beyond what the norm is, to look beneath the veil of illusion that we have been indoctrinated with over many years – and if you believe in reincarnation, many lifetimes.  It is then you discover that there are many that yearn to see a more equal representation of women on this Earth.  Many women have decided to completely denounce religion and become atheist due to its patriarchal views.’

This was me in my late teens. I smile towards the past sweet angry atheist self.

‘I believe that you don’t need to be religious or even believe in religion to appreciate the Divine feminine within, as connecting to the feminine means connecting to the Earth and the Moon and their ever changing cycles.  Connecting to the feminine means that, as women, we have much to offer at all ages; Maiden, Lover, Mother, and Crone. That we honour our body and its cycles. That we can embrace our emotions, intuition, creativity, and esoteric knowledge just as much as the intellectual logic.  Above all, we can embrace our sisters and support each other to heal and succeed. I feel through the elevation of sisterhood, and the support of men who value the feminine, there is hope of saving our planet from destruction.’

I cannot tell you how excited we are to have Mumtaz joining us here at Being through bliss and balance. That level of buzzing can’t be placed into words – it would break the internet. (None of us want that!) But what it means for you, dear Reader, is some solid, beautiful words of wisdom each month. From a woman who is embodying her knowing. Who is allowing her authenticity to lead others towards their own. That’s a real blessing. Exciting yes! So don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss a post from the remarkable healing force that is Mumtaz Sodha!

Her first post Dance of the veils can be found here

Check out her website  Or following her on facebook.

Big love to you all!

Alex Clarke – founder & editor


  1. WOW!! I’m also buzzing and can barely contain myself! I was also born into the Muslim faith and resonate with absolutely everything Mumtaz said. Thank you so much Alex for such a wonderful, important, powerful, body-heart-soul warming interview. I look forward to more! ❤ Aleya


  2. Thank you Aleya ❤ I feel very lucky to have interviewed Mumtaz – she was so honest and open. And I'm really happy the piece left you feeling that body-heart-soul warming resonance. Both of you are amazing! You are the reason I do what I do 🙂


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