How to Cultivate Goddess Love – by Latoya Beverly

Amur-Tiger-Face-amur-tigers-27143455-1200-960‘There is a power that will light your way to health, happiness, peace, and success, if you will but turn toward the light.’ – Paramahansa Yogananda

As a woman of today, I am reminded of the grace, beauty, masculine and feminine dance that goes on. For this love is all a part of the universe. The hunger and starvation of true divine love, the thirst for marriage of these two energies, so we can become whole. The power of touch at its true element and the wanting to find a passion that is beyond the physical touch. The voices that are within and the broken wings we walk around with. How can we bring back this love again? How can we capture the butterflies and the out pour of bliss?

Shiva Shakti.

What does it all mean to walk with grace, beauty, and the yin & yang of our flesh and to match it with our spirit? The curves of our very existence, the kiss of our lips that bring magic. How do we evolve to a spiritual permanence, and walk as the goddesses we are? How can we tap into our ancient wisdom, and cultivate the goddess within?

Well, we know to define love is very difficult, but we know that it is possible to bring meaning to it and let it permeate our very creation. We already know that it cannot be fully described, but it can be felt at the purest soul level. We taste love daily with the nectar of the fruit, we have tasted love in the form of our hearts and the beginning of life’s innocence.

But, once our hearts have been shattered, broken, and blown into disappointing pieces, how do we get back to where we started? Well, we must seek joy. We must come to live and have joy as the very being of our sacred emotions. All the divine emotions – love, compassion, courage, self- sacrifice, humility, all bring us back to joy. We have to experience the deepest mercy for every situation that we have encountered. We must go back to basics and open ourselves to accepting what must be expressed and wants to be expressed. We must subtlety get out of our head & into our hearts. Get to the seat of higher consciousness and tend to the heart center within all of us. This is where we control the air and fire vibration & perpetuate the tree of life within each goddess soul. We need to be able to spiritually take ownership for what is ours and give love to what no longer serves us. Allowing all the pain, sorrow, and sadness, to pass through the heart and transcend into truth, creation, and being absolute. When we are able to accept that love at its purest form is perfect unity, we will then start to understand the eclipse of divine love. The relationship between the masculine and feminine duality.


We must activate the unconditional element within us that is the guru and disciple of our greatest expression. We must be the best friend and stick up for ourselves – be the master of our souls. This is when you will learn the supreme form of being a goddess. I have learned that the disciple bares his soul to the master, and this is the dance we share with our ego. We have to consciousness make a choice that we can give our higher-self and ego recognition, allowing them both to come to terms of peace. A true relationship or uniting the two elements is about not manipulating the highest form of love. If you have to manipulate love or the master within you, then this is not love at all.

I know that you are probably thinking – how do I love, if I cannot even feel joy right now? But joy is God’s bliss, the essential ingredient, and ultimate call to our spirit. If you have tried to see outside yourself to find joy or pure bliss, then you are not using your true power of being a goddess. You are not taking advantage of your own benefits to walk on air and stimulate the life you seek. Joy comes through healing. Joy comes from deep meditation. It is the most freeing feeling in the world to reach such stimulus and to know that it was within you all along. In the morning comes joy, then comes love, then comes bliss, and then your soul’s universe.

Tapping into your spiritual tank, and cleaning out the junk of the past, allows for you to appreciate the universal love from within. This is the love that allows you to manifest, create, and unite. Your universal mind is what feeds your DNA with love, it heightens your senses and evolves this beautiful awakening of each inch of your body. And I do not mean physical body. That comes later. I am talking about awakening the senses to the wisdom, truth, alchemy and creator of your soul. I am talking about the attractive forces of true loves blissful union.


If you have ever been attracted to an animal your whole life and not known why, study the animal’s spirit like I did. A tiger came to me one night. I asked to be clairvoyantly open and sure enough I saw myself in animal form, boldly coming towards me. This young, bold, driven, beautiful tiger walking over to me, coming to be one with my spirit and I boldly told it ‘NO.’ Little did I know, I was truly telling myself ‘NO’ every single day because I wasn’t ready to open myself up to the power that was already within me. Why in the world, when your spirit is ready to become one with you, would you say no like that? After I did some research that day, I realized that the tiger truly was every element of me! It was everything I asked for in clearly getting my answer from the universe. I just needed to express my love back.

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