Attachment; Ego and the Emotions by Rena Wells

buddha2Diving into the emotional realm does seem daunting. In all honesty not many of us truly understand what emotions are, and how could we? Even our psychologists, psychiatrists, and medical doctors turn to medication or very black and white mental coping mechanisms in order to control how we should be responding to our external stimuli. I am in no way knocking our mental health workers, they are needed as much as energy healers and I believe that the two together can co-create a beautiful marriage one day.

In truth, we have all been conditioned to behave in certain ways through various circumstances throughout our lives. What felt natural at one point, (as babies and very young children,) eventually became stifled and we were told on some level it was wrong to feel a certain way. This created the cycle of shame, and self-doubt, which also created an ingrained belief system to conform to what our exterior world told us. We eventually forgot how to listen authentically to the emotions within and by the time we entered adulthood all of these emotions became overbearing to a point where the majority of people on our planet suffer from depression. We learned from a young age the mental control tactics of emotion, which the ego has attached to.

As an energy metaphysical intuitive, and a highly sensitive empath,  I have not only lived through the dark realms of my emotions, I have done tremendous energy work in discerning with direct guidance from Spirit and the light council who have been with me since my early youth. I have healed my depression, anxiety and addictions all through emotional energy work and I’m here to share some yummy secrets with you!

Let’s first take a look at our physical world and how we relate to other humans. We can relate and somewhat understand how another human feels because we share the same physical human identification. When we see another human hurting, caught in a realm of depression, a sense of low self-worth, we can have empathy and compassion because we have felt those emotions at some point in our own lives.  These slower vibrating emotions fall into two dualities, the black and white categories of love and fear.  These emotions are three dimensional human generated emotions conditioned by the mental realm. Also known as the ego. Remember this is the conditioning we have lived for many years. Spiritual emotions also fall into these two categories, however the big difference that separates human emotions from spiritual emotions is attachment.

According to Buddha, the root to all suffering is attachment. To be in a state of peace and harmony is the transmutation of the attachment of the ego when we begin working towards soul evolution and self-actualization. Yes these emotions all feel very real, however it’s the act of letting go of the attachment that no longer serves us. So what is attachment exactly? I’m not implying that we become these narcissistic unfeeling beings, quite the contrary. What I’m here to teach is that we can own the observer god-self within, without having attachments to certain situations.  If you resonate with any of the words below it’s a sure sign that you are attached to the situation, person, or an internal pattern or belief system:

  • Needing
  • Wanting
  • Obsession
  • Desperation
  • Anxiety
  • Guilt
  • Pity
  • Anger
  • Frustration
  • Confusion
  • Fear
  • Victimization
  • Low self-worth and esteem
  • Jealousy and envy

These aren’t all feelings, and I believe that emotions can be derived out of situations and roles, much like the victim role listed. This list not only works hand in hand when we are in a slow vibrational state, it also works when we are in a love space, hence very unhealthy relationships. We can most definitely feel fear, or anger, in a relationship. This is because we have formed a three dimensional attachment to the person, or the relationship itself. On a very subconscious, energetic level, we are feeding something of a third dimensional pattern, and it is up to us to become consciously aware of this! Not all is lost! We can use this list as a guide to point us in the direction of the attachment and to realize this is another aspect in our lives that is being run by ego! That’s the first step – recognition and ownership. The next step is not buying into the patterns created by these slow vibrating emotions, which we have done so many times in the past! The power comes when we choose differently. That is the difficult step, which takes inner work, practice, and great amounts of self-love and courage to dive deep! However with patience, faith, and consistent communication with our angels and the universe this does get easier!

The tricky part of the equation is how do we transmute these slower vibrating emotions to the universe and how do we let go of attachment?

It’s self-love.


Loving oneself fully and authentically and honoring deep in our core our worthiness. What we deserve is what will see us through. You see, we must dig deep, seek within, and love ourselves fully before we can fully transmute into a faster vibration. It is the innate knowing that these feelings of suffering are false, and part of the illusion in the third dimension. We lovingly look at the reflections of situations and people in our lives when we feel these slower vibrating emotions, and ask ourselves within, how and why did I attract this? What am I feeling within that has formed an attachment to this physical illusion? It is only from a place of self-love and self-authentic ownership for our ego attached patterns is when light and truth will be revealed. We begin to see things clearly because we are no longer doubting what we are feeling, instead we are looking at them head on! With courage and self-love! Yes, this may mean that once we no longer buy into the attachments and old belief patterns, things fall away. Life changes, relationships may end. But they were never for your highest good to begin with! Trust and have faith that with this clearing has now left your vessel empty to accept and receive the true abundance spirit has waiting for you!

Rena Wells is a regular columnist here at Being through balance & bliss, sign up so you don’t miss a post! You can also find more of her wise words on facebook and on her website.

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