Lady of Avalon – Morgan La Fey by Mumtaz Sodha

Morgan La FeyThe Isle of Avalon is a mystical land, hidden within the Mists of Time.  Only the pure of heart can reach its shores, across the Lake.  Many have tried to find this Sacred Isle, and have failed.  For the Mist lifts for only those who call with Sincerity and Love to the Goddess, Lady of Avalon, Morgan La Fey. She turns away None, that Carry Her in their Hearts.

I walk with swiftness, I hear my breath in the silent air, through the trees I enter the forest.  I can barely see the Moonlit path.  I hold my light to guide me through the dark undergrowth, as in these parts the Moon light is not enough to light my path.  I am guided by my heightened senses as I navigate to the Ring of Stones, at the centre of these wooded lands.

Beneath the crescent Moon I use my mirror to look into the web of time, will it help me see through the veils of separation?  Will it steer me home? I hold it up glistening in the night sky in alignment with the Constellations. I stand tall and with my arms outstretched within the ring, I take a deep breath, and I invoke Her;

‘Lady of Avalon, Morgana, Goddess of my Heart, I call to You.’

The mirror is shining as the stars activate it, and from within the mirror itself I see a figure appear.  I am startled as I, myself, had doubted this ancient ritual would work.  As the figure drew nearer I could see Her becoming solid in Her form.  Her gown was of deep purple and her hair raven black, flowing as She walked.  As she stood before me I noticed, the crescent moon ablaze on her forehead.  Her gleaming eyes looked like stars from far off Galaxies.

‘My Daughter you called Me?’ She asks with concern in Her voice.

‘Oh Ancient Mother, I have forgotten the code that you whispered into my ear many lifetimes ago.  I have tried so many times to retrieve it, but I cannot.  Without the code how can I move forward, how can I embody You?’

Hearing my words She howls with laughter, Her pearly white teeth glistening in the Moonlight.  Her laughter echoes through the forest, and I see shadows appearing all around us.  I look around and focus my gaze, from out of the darkness stepping forward I see all manner of woodland wildlife, and in amongst them are fairies light and flighty in the midnight air, gnomes, elves, and pixies.  The forest is now alive with elementals and wild creatures.  I look around with my eyes wide open in amazement.

She walks over to me and touches my shoulder, Her hands are warm and my body feels a surge of energy with Her touch.

‘So I see my Priestess, you are surprised with our company? These are our friends and companions.’ 

She acknowledges them all by raising Her hand, and they all bow.

I look at Her in astonishment.

‘My Daughter, have you forgotten all your Sovereignty?  You are the Queen of these forests, and my Daughter the Priestess of Avalon.  You are concerned about some code? Tell me Daughter what do you think will happen if you find this code?  Will things just miraculously fall into place?  Do you really think that’s how magic works?’  She looks at me, Her eyes now ablaze with a hidden fire.

‘You my Daughter are the code.  No magic is greater than you.’ She bellows.

I gasp with astonishment as She continues unperturbed

‘You are the Key to the Universe, the Keeper of Great Mystery. The Power of all Creativity is within you.  You can only Embody Me when you can Embody Yourself.’

She reaches over and holds Her hand over my head.  I bow my head before Her and She cups my face, and then with her middle finger she forms the crescent Moon, on my forehead.  I feel my third eye throb with potent energy as She helps me to my feet.

Come She beckons me, as we go within the Ring of Stones and, She sits on one of the stones and asks me to sit on the one next to Her.

‘I have activated your memory dear Child, so that you can once again remember your glory.  Nothing that you seek is outside you.  Everything is within.  The vastness of the Galaxies are within you.  When you rise as the real sovereign that you are, then Gaia will applaud you. You are born of the Stars and yet you embody Gaia within you. The pathway between the worlds is no other than you.  You my Daughter, are the portal, the gateway that connects the Cosmic with Earth.’

With these words I could hear the cawing of crows, as I looked up, they were encircling us like black smoke swirling in a circular motion.  She beckons, and holds out Her hand, I grasped it and She pulled me close, and pulls Her black cloak around me.  We fly up into the night sky, joining the crows.  We travel the Isle of Avalon, flying high with the crows, encircling the Sacred Tor and over the Chalice Well.  We travel dimensions and Galaxies, the depths of the Earth crust, the deep oceans and the highest mountains.  Until we land, where we had begun.  She holds me close in Her embrace and She whispers in my ear.

‘Know my Daughter that you are the Shape Shifter, Walker between Worlds.  Know that I am always with you and within you, I am You.’

With these words She disappears into the mirror, from where She had appeared, and I stood gasping as my own reflection stares back at me through the misted glass.

Written with Love

© Mumtaz ❤

Inspired by Morgan La Fey by Rose Flint and Lady of Avalon by Heloise Pilkington

Image by Jo Jayson

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