Love’s Supreme – by Latoya Beverly

tantra-art6Every little kiss, every little touch, it’s so serious, you’re talking to me…

Every time you come around, our souls dances between each one of the colors of our very vibe…

The dance that we do, when we do what we do, elevates my spirit and takes us to another level… people always wonder where is it that we go…

It’s a 5th dimension to our love…

Take my hand, make my days brand new, lead me, touch my every desire,

Every time he comes around…food taste so different, the nectar of every sense heightens,

There is so much to say about the way we love…when we do what we do…


Seduction of the intellectual, philosophical rap that we do…what do you do to me…? Every little kiss, touch and dance that we do…

Don’t know what it is, but we know exactly what it is…a sense of utopia and euphoria…

The music of our heart yearns for each other, the moment I laid eyes on you, my spirit knew exactly what to do. The lioness comes out and the feline in me enjoys the call that you call to me.

This is not the first time that we have danced, this dance, your soul’s so familiar to me… caress me, love me, breathe me, because everything that you do, I am you. You are my soul’s counterpoint and I am yours.


This magical place, when you are in love, angry, or just having a bad day, you always take me to another place… this twilight place.

Doesn’t matter who is around, every day is brand new with you. You hold my hand, you walk with me, you have my back & I have yours.

I know your pain, I know your disappointment, I know your happiness, your hesitations and vulnerabilities.

Every time you come around, no matter who, what or when…it always comes back to us.

Manifestation takes place, all of a sudden everything good happens, feeling like a billion is where I wanna be.

And all because our eyes connected the very first day our souls touched & then your kiss hits and the sparks fly.


Even years in between…when we have parted ways, we always come back to us…and the funny thing is…we never truly had to give more than just a touch.

I can’t believe, this love is what it is…but I know that no matter how many past lives we have spent together or where life takes us now, the love is always still alive inside.

Sexy: The definition of when a man makes a woman feel like being her true authentic self. The only thing that truly matters. That is love’s truth supreme. And all he said was hello with his eyes… & his smile

There is never a need for words, but when you do speak, you light a flame that burns so deeply… I just wish that we would not let time pass us by and let love stand still, so we can do what we do…That is Love’s Supreme.

© 2015 Latoya Beverly

Latoya Beverly is a columnist here at Being through balance & bliss. Find out more about Latoya by visiting her website Or follow her on twitter and facebook

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