How to use and benefit from Angelic Energy – by Latoya Beverly

kpm_0392 Angelic energy-healing is a specialized kind of natural healing by which all the natural powers of this universe are accumulated for healing purposes. This kind of healing includes physical, mental, and spiritual healing. Applying this spiritual energy creates a proper balance between the mental, spiritual, and physical levels.

The angelic realm is the primary source of this healing power; and this realm is more powerful than any other power on this earth. This power has been used since ancient times when there was no trace of medical drugs. People utilized this spiritual power for the purpose of healing.

How can Angelic Healing benefit you?

  • Angels are regarded as God’s agents on earth and thus your soul can get complete transformation. You can gain divine peace. 

  • These archangels will definitely help you choose the path of Truth and find your main life purpose. You can learn to sacrifice the so-called social bondage and reunite with your divine power.

  • You can experience soul consciousness which will help you to recognize the real person in yourself. As a result, you can freely face the truths of life without any hesitation.

  • The divine power will help you to communicate directly with God and thus you can gain heavenly peace. You can develop great wisdom and make great decisions in life.

  • Angelic creative energy is highly useful for creating different, resourceful, natural elements, so that nature can be utilized in an optimum way.

  • Angelic light is very useful in concentrating energy in one place. This kind of light can treat and heal different kinds of physical and mental diseases. 

    How to tune in to the angelic realm 7

    • You can connect to the Angelic realm by seeing an Angelic energy healer or…

    • Prayer: simply asking the Angels for support, guidence and healing will enable them to step into your life and lift it higher

    • Meditation: Sit quietly and focus your intention on the Angels – they will infuse your practice with their gentle love.

    • Yoga: dedicating your energy movement to the Angels is a great way to invite them into your yoga practice. This form of energy makes your life completely pure and dedicated. 

      ©Latoya Beverly 2015

      Latoya Beverly’s a regular columnist here at Being through balance & bliss. To find out more visit her website

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