On writing ‘Blissfully Dead’ by author Melita Harvey

Blissfully dead coverMelita Harvey has led a rich and varied life, spanning many continents, life-style options, and lived experience over her 50+ years, including the gradual acceptance and development of her abilities as a clairvoyant and medium. Her dedicated search for her own spiritual growth in the latter part of her life has seen her “read” for literally thousands keen both to commune with departed souls and realize the full potential of their purpose here in this life. Blissfully Dead is the result of an inspired collaboration with a deceased young woman who was willing to help the author use her gifts to enlighten and inspire an even greater audience. Melita lives in Australia, where she travels around with her husband in a motor home.

Author Melita Harvey

Author Melita Harvey

Now that my first book Blissfully Dead is close to being released, I do get asked frequently what the book is about, and I realized I didn’t get much further than seeing it as a message of love, but that doesn’t feel complete.

What I do know is that my life changed completely the moment I took the first copy of Blissfully Dead out of the box. All my life I felt there was something in life I needed to do, that I needed to help. I have tried doing that in many different ways throughout my life, not in the least through my work as a psychic and a medium. In my readings I have helped people see through the ego to discover who they truly are, and especially to discover their potential. Even though doing readings was highly fulfilling, it still felt I needed to do more. And this need lead me to my writing journey. One day, after finishing a medium reading with a person who was heartbroken about the loss of his child, on watching him walk away I said to myself: ‘I wish I could do more’, to which the spirit of his daughter came through and said: ‘Writing my story would help’.

Fast forward 5 years and many adventures later, Blissfully Dead is the result. And the feeling of having to do more finally stopped. But, I asked myself, what is it I actually did that made the yearning stop? I suppose the answer to that must be the message in the book.

I have always believed we can do more than we think, maybe subconsciously I believe we can do the impossible and that we are here to learn to do that. As long as we stay on the ego level, the level of eating, drinking, sleeping, working, life is so irrelevant, and it makes people live mediocre lives, be unfulfilled and unhappy. Some even fall off the wagon of life when things go wrong, like Janelle did. They don’t know we all have an ‘impossible box’ and when we find it and tap into it, wow, life not only becomes amazing, but we as people become amazing. That ‘impossible box’ is called love. When we live in love, everything is possible. Janelle, my spirit friend and co-writer, states that everything done with love stays in afterlife and everything done without love disappears, is dead, has no energy. She also says that doing things with love brings out super-powers. And when people are totally in-love throughout their life they become super-beings, like Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela, Amma and many more. I think that is always what I have believed too. I think this is what my higher-self has tried to tell me all my life, but I couldn’t hear it. When I started to hear it, I still couldn’t believe it, but when I saw my book in print, I felt it.

I imagine Blissfully Dead planting love wherever it goes, bringing comfort, hope, oneness, giving courage, and giving some good, solid advice about what not to do too! But above all, I can see it as an invitation for everyone to tap into our super-powers. Somehow, by taking away the barriers between her realm and ours, Janelle also takes away the excuses we create in our life. She certainly managed to take away most of my old excuses, and I have no intent to create new ones!

In Blissfully Dead the spirit of Janelle, a former actress, meets Melita, a medium, and asks her to write down her experiences of afterlife. Janelle takes the reader through fascinating accounts of many souls’ journeys of the hereafter and explores the effect the life they led and how they died had on them and the loved ones they left behind.

This book is a gently administered but powerfully healing tonic for anyone struggling with the seemingly finality of death and the questions dying raises for all of us about life’s purpose. It provides insightful glimpses into our continuing journey towards enlightenment in the afterlife and offers much hope for any reader seeking to make the most of any life-lessons available to us on this earthly plane.

Blissfully Dead is an odyssey from the mind to the heart. Janelle’s profound and intimate narrative provides the reader with wisdom of both her realm and ours. Not a new-age fairy story but an invitation to find Oneness in life.

Copies of Melita’s book are available through www.blissfullydead.com

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