Ahhhh-HA… What it takes to honour your heart and speak your truth – By Latoya Beverly

ahaLoving yourself, means being comfortable with YOU – from your faults, to the ugly moments you have. Who you are in this world is not defined by society, your parents, your upbringing or the opinions of EGO. You do not need to live by the guns of self-sabotage, you only need to honour self. I recently came to my own STRONG conclusion that no matter how strongly someone may love you, they are going to love you from the way they define love. If within their love, they are open to loving you in your divine, then just maybe they can truly accept the true beauty which is faith. Faith which leads us on our journey to pure bliss. And when you come to experience true bliss, you can find love.jesus

You are therefore going to love in a way that you feel is better, right, meets your needs, or expectations. Although life can be difficult and many tricky situations deter us from what God or the Universe is trying to show us, we can reach a true understanding if we go deep within. If we take the time to silence our minds, if we honour ourselves through meditation, if we give ourselves the chance to WIN in life, rather than expecting failure, then we can strip away the layers of disappointment, poor choices, heartache and sadness, and bring ourselves back to the place of setting healthy boundaries. Realizing that keeping our sacred space open (Heart Chakra) for real love to come in, a good job opportunity, the women or man of your dreams, the want for a family of your own, or even just down to wanting a home, we can refocus the power of manifesting BIG LOVE into our true divine path of joy and expect miracles to occur.


Out of everything that has happened in my life I have learned that we have to tend to our needs as adults, but also take notice of our inner child, as well as address those around us, who no longer serve our highest good, so we can be FREE to give the respect and love to those who spirit sees as fit and re-make choices.


Let us not take credit away from those who have to go down different paths and stop questioning why, how, or whether they will get there or not. It is with our own divine love and energetic wisdom that we can come to peace, terms, or condition out the old and walk through to the new.  Wisdom was never about age, look at Mother Teresa, she was 12 years old when she was CALLED to serve God as a nun & at 18 went to Calcutta in her 20s. Then you take Master Gandhi who was 24 when he became a spiritual thought leader, or Jesus. Jesus was supposedly 33 years of age (guessing) when he was crucified on the cross for walking in his love, seeking the truth, and teaching love.

So, what steps do you foresee taking to honor your heart and speak your truth?

© 2015 Latoya Beverly

Latoya Beverly is a columnist here at Being through balance & bliss. Find out more about Latoya by visiting her website Or follow her on twitter and facebook

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