The Power of Aloha – Awakening with Latoya Beverly

aloha1In the month of May 2014, when the sky was pure blue and the ocean was so crystal clear, I found myself HIGH on Hawaiian love. A total dream come true to be on the islands of true love, where I would be meeting my sister Shana, who was in the Navy, for our first sister trip.

It was May 24, 2014 to be exact and it holds a very important message for the start of my spiritual awakening journey. After arriving in Kauai and relaxing at the beach, with the sun kissing my skin and the Aloha ocean breeze misting across my face, I realized that something mystical was happening to me. It was already a powerful week of forgiveness, deep healing of childhood wounds, and closing a long awaited door that needed to be shut.


That weekend I received not only the love and comfort of the island, my sister, and the beautiful golden people of Hawaii. But I also received AMAZING messages from God. I found myself meditating before going back onto the beach again, when I felt this beautiful buzzing sensation come over my body. It was like my body was receiving HUGE blessings, love, and healing from the island. From heaven and the angels. I was also told that week about my psychic, angelic, and energy healing gifts. I know it was God’s way of saying that it is okay to be YOU.


My vibrations had reached an ALL time high that I thought I was levitating off my bed, but I knew that the universe had been welcoming me into my lightworker world. It was the beginning of an activation or attunement and a process that I would never forget.  A little nervous, as I’d not felt this power before, I knew that the feeling was pure and for my highest good.

Finally, confirmation as to why I always felt different as a child and adult. I felt at peace. I knew this path was where I belonged. I was becoming a spiritual healer and teacher. It all now made sense, that for the coming months before turning 30, my angels were telling me that it was time to wake up. I was seeing the numbers, the signs, and the messages coming to me at 3:30AM, on the dot, EVERY single night. But it was in Kauai that the messages were confirmed,

The angels and archangels were watching over me and helping me transform my inner dreams into reality.” (Angel numbers 524, Doreen Virtue)

aloha 3

It was in Kauai, HI, that I found my true love and light, it was so serene the love that I had felt from the universe, the metaphysics of my 8th Chakra, the healing power in my hands and the shift I shared with the universe because I said YES to making my life, a better one that I could love me for. It was forgiveness, which had set me into the freedom of my soul that I was looking for. I had God and the angels surrounding me with love, bliss and protection.

The universe, showed up to meet me because I was able to rise above my challenges.  After getting an Oprah Chai that morning, I had received another powerful message:


For me, in that moment, I was learning about my gifts with the angels, intuitive insights, energy healing, and coming into my spiritual abilities. The power of Aloha helped me to overcome fear, fear of judgment. When we step into freedom, the grace we receive is so much bigger, and the love that is everywhere and in everything.

If my story has inspired you to find out more about your spiritual awakening or learning how to make that shift in your life. To find out more about me and where the Aloha spirit has led me visit my website or follow me on twitter and facebook

© 2015 Latoya Beverly

Latoya Beverly is a columnist here at Being through balance & bliss. 

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