Manifest your Real Life in 5 steps – by Rena Wells

How did I get stuck in this illusion?

As a child I remember the grand awareness I had and how absurd this planet appeared. I didn’t understand why there was so much hate, greed, and people simply acting in ways that didn’t resonate with their inner truths. I realize now how intuitively I was able to see true soul and the layers that hindered people from following their calling. There was one particular incident I remember clearly.

It was a cool autumn evening as the sun lowered; my mother and I peered out onto the street from our front balcony, the door wide open allowing a cool breeze to enter our suburban home. My parents, who were immigrants to Canada, worked hard to manifest and create the middle class dream. I asked this woman who transported my soul to the Earth plane.

boy looking at pennies in piggy bank‘How come this piece of paper runs the world mom?’ She looked down at me, in awe as the words escaped my eight year old mouth, she laughed and responded

‘It’s that money that buys you food, a home and we can’t live without it.’ I disagreed immediately, placing my hands on my hips, something I did often as a child when deep in thought.

‘That doesn’t make any sense!’ I proclaimed. ‘It’s a piece of paper with colours on it, that’s it.’

My mother sighed, ignored me and continued to peer out onto the street. I realized she didn’t understand my inquisitive questions. I had an entirely different view of the planet than most.

Money. How it can be the root of all evil? Yet it is how planet Earth

Coming to this realization has taken me years, because I had an ingrained belief from my higher self that money simply was a foreign concept to me. Yes, of course it would be from a spiritual perspective, but alas we all came here to experience the third dimensional realm and all the belief systems incorporated and created by the human race. This is acceptance of what is. Letting go of spiritual ideals when the mass consciousness isn’t ready for such drastic changes, especially when it comes to the economy! So I played in the 3D and I discovered we can also manifest and create exactly what we want within the perimeters of the rules we created around money.

I have been practicing manifesting for a while now, a good solid 10 years of conscious co-creating and yes it works! Currently, my new adventure is to totally eradicate my life as I know it in Canada, trust the universe and go where I am being called to, and that my friends is Bali Indonesia. I am done with playing in the Western North American dream, but first let me tell you exactly what I have created in my life and give you a little bit of background.

Many people in my life say that I was born with a horseshoe up my ass. I laugh because I consider my horseshoe my awareness and my connection to source, it’s strong and it’s a gift. This is why I am here to show you that we are the same. I have simply remembered and maintained memories from the world of spirit and it’s my calling to ignite those memories in you! So here goes! I’m going to paint you the illusion I created for myself as I didn’t go about creating my life in the conventional human ways many know about.

your_time_is_limited_so_dont_waste_it_living_someone_elses_life-7244I am a single mother of two amazing children and I have been raising them on my own for 90% of their lives. I have full time work from home position with the Federal Government and I make a very decent salary. I have full benefits, my kids and I travel every year and I am available to them all the time. No daycare, I own my home, and I have a beautiful back split home backing onto City parks with a creek where the kids love to play. Their school is just in view beyond the park through our yard.

Sounds like an amazing life right? Well I’m here to tell you that I hate it. Yes I know hate is a strong word, and I understand this life is what many people want. That’s great! I am by no means knocking it, we all have different dreams, and this simply isn’t mine! It isn’t what I want, and so it’s an illusion to me because I am doing my best to “fit in” instead of following my calling. I have everything society says we should have, yet it doesn’t bring me joy? I had this realization years ago when I left my marriage, came out of the closet as a lesbian and started to build my life over again. This is simply another transition, because I know my true calling is to help others, write my novels, and to teach spirituality full time.

Now, you may ask, how in the world did I create my current life? As I stated above I didn’t go about this creation like most humans do. I didn’t go to University, I didn’t pull top grades, and I’m really bad at passing exams. Yet with all of these things hindering me I have gotten to where I am because I have belief. Now keep in mind, I did do college courses, and certificate programs to move into the IT industry, there are some physical human earth work we have to do, but I didn’t seek the degree as most of my colleagues did. One of my best manifestations was my promotion.  I was working as a techie from a regional office, and I was promoted to an IT Analyst working for National Headquarters as a remote virtual employee. I remember seeing the poster for the position and that they were only hiring 15 people. Hundreds applied but what I did on top of my application was something entirely different. I did a spell.


Spells are simply easy ways to manifest, let go, and allow spirit in. I took a candle, etched in my dreams into the wax with a needle, and then I rubbed oil of bergamot on it, visualizing myself working from home, and feeling the joy and the freedom! I then lit the candle and let it burn out. I applied for the job and let it go. Now the purpose of the candle is to symbolize that I have given up all control to the universe. The Pagans knew what they were talking about, as it’s a great way to manifest and create the world you seek. Whenever my worry kicked in, I realized that I had already burned my candle and I let it go. The candle in a sense helped me to stop thinking about it, which in turn allowed spirit to work its wonders and it did! I got the call and I was 1 of the 15 to move up to National Headquarters!

Now here’s the exciting validation I received while away on business! As I was in Ottawa meeting my new team and managers, one in particular came up to me and directly asked me out to lunch that day. We went out to a small café and he began to tell me his story.

‘I knew you had to get in Rena. You see I’m a very spiritual man, and I had a dream about you. When the board was going through the applications, there was one spot left, and we were all up in arms of who to pick. That night I had a direct message from the universe that you had to be included, I don’t know why but I had to fight for you. The next day the other managers were all leaning towards another applicant because they had the educational requirements, but I fought for you! I was against many and the decision had to be unanimous. I didn’t budge.  I knew there was a divine plan as to why you had to be in that position, and so this is why you got the promotion.’

Well you can imagine my surprise; I was definitely catching flies in that moment as my jaw hit the floor. So you see, you don’t have to know how or when your dreams will manifest, all you have to know is that the universe will CONSPIRE for you! Have faith in that!

Pura Tanah Lot temple - Bali
Pura Tanah Lot temple – Bali

I have so many exciting similar and validating stories to the one I just told you! This is why I am now ready to fully follow my gypsy calling in pure faith and move to Bali. This takes practice, time, belief, and most importantly faith. Through my practice of manifesting, and by the amazing things I have co-created, my faith has never been stronger. Many people tell me that I’m brave, or ambitious, and honestly those aspects have nothing to do with the creations in my life. Leaving my career in 2016, uprooting my children, and moving to Bali are because I hear the calling, the knowing that this life in Canada is no longer for me. There is more work I must do, in service to the Universe, and in turn the creation of my desires will be granted on the Earth Plane.  It’s the deep faith and trust I have in Spirit, the Creator, the Force, the Infinite wonders of our existence. I know it, feel it, and breathe it as it lives THROUGH me.

The practice of manifesting will bring you this faith and it will manifest your deepest desires. This can all be yours as well! I am by no means more “special” or that I have special “abilities” we all have these talents. When a baby is born some learn to walk before others, and some learn to speak first. Some babies don’t ever crawl, and some get around by hopping around on their knees (that was my daughter!). We all learn things at different times; I simply chose to really work on my intuitive abilities in many incarnations. If you are reading this, then it is time for you to do the same! You have the power within you to create the life you want. I admit, it may not happen overnight, and it may come in baby steps, but keep at it, the gifts that come to you are simply amazing!

I have put together a few tips to get you on your way to manifesting and creating the dreams you want!

  1. Clearing your Inner World: The first step to manifesting is to go within. Losing Brain Function This isn’t about seeking your exterior and saying “I want that house or that car” Co-creating comes from self-love. If you don’t love yourself you will only self-sabotage the manifesting process because the Universe can’t give you such greatness if you don’t believe that you deserve it! Ask yourself these questions. Are you worthy and deserving of the life you desire? Are you worthy and deserving to have everything you wish for? An ease of abundance? As you ask yourself those questions, take a step back and notice the voices and feelings that arise within you that counter the feelings of being deserving and worthy. Now I want to make something clear. Feeling deserving and worthy does not come from a place of righteousness. What you want is not “owed” to you because your life has been horrible up until this point. There are ingrained patterns and belief systems that continue to work subconsciously within us that create the world you are living in right now. This is about your willingness to acknowledge those patterns for what they are and to make the appropriate changes to put a stop to them! We create our realities and so true spiritual worthiness is tied to ownership. Ownership that the life you are living right now is because you made those choices (consciously or subconsciously) from a sense of lack from within. To feel true worthiness is to feel ready to own up to those choices. To learn new ways, make different choices. Choices that come from a place of self-love.  Ponder that for a bit. Notice the choices you make in your life. Are they from a place of love? Or self-sabotage and lack? As you dive within your inner world, write everything down that comes up. Ask yourself why you buy into false belief systems that the mind tells you? Why are you listening to that voice in your mind? The one that says you are NOT a beautiful creation of Source energy? This is the clearing that needs to happen. Yes it takes work, but it’s worth it. True manifestation can’t happen until you are on the road to changing old thought patterns and moving into a space of self-love. Once you have made the choice of ownership, and to love yourself you can then move onto step 2.

  2. Knowing what you want: We all seem to “think” we know what we want Dare-13-what_do_i_really_want_via_tout of life, but in all honesty we don’t. This is because we seek outside of ourselves. We give up our power and assign happiness to possessions. We believe a bigger home, a relationship, or that job would bring us happiness, but in fact it’s all about how you feel within. When I am manifesting I don’t look at the outcome of what I want, I relish in the feeling that I want to experience in my life. For instance, in my present manifesting project, Bali came to me, I didn’t choose Bali. Every morning when I do my Wayne Dyer “Ahhh” meditation, I see and feel myself in a warm climate, helping people, and being financially free. The feelings I get from that meditation every morning creates a realistic feeling of being there on a beach in that moment. You see I am bringing my future feeling desires into my present moment. This is what I call merging dimensions! I may physically be on my bed in Canada doing a meditation, but my spirit and my heart are in state of warmth, bliss and joy!

I am merging heaven on earth. From spirit to the physical!

Bali simply fell into my lap, a sign from the Universe! The more I looked into it I realized that by renting out my home in Canada it will cover my expenses. There’s the financial freedom!!! I by no means came up with this plan, this is what the Universe brought to me, I am simply following the signs and allowing. So get real with yourself. What FEELING do you want to generate in your future? Is it freedom? Love? How do you see yourself living? Are you skiing? Are you on a beach? Are you in a big home? The possibilities are endless and it’s whatever feeling you want to create! It’s easier to feel what you want, than to think about what you want. Once you get clear on that, write down your feelings on the life you wish to create. You don’t need details; you just need to know how you wish to feel. There was a point in my life where I wanted to stop renting and to own property again. I did so by conjuring up the feeling of what it would feel like to be in that position. I didn’t focus on the house I wanted, I focused on how it would feel. The house came to me. Once you get your list of feelings down, and you are sure about what feeling life you are ready to create it’s time to put it into practice!!

  1. Action Plan! We can’t deny it; we are living in a 3D body. The universe can’t bring things to us if we aren’t willing to do some physical labour! The first step in the action plan is to align yourself with your higher self. This is going to take practice. I have found that Wayne Dyer’s “Ahhh” morning meditation very powerful.

     I do it every morning and it brings me into a powerful alignment with my true self. I have also found that my day flows much easier. Manifesting and spirituality take physical practice and work. We can’t expect miracles when we have the responsibility to own our “god-self” and to own our true powers, which is allowing source energy to flow THROUGH We must realize that we are God incarnate, there is no veil and so when we pray and ask we must realize: “With great power comes great responsibility” (My favourite Spiderman quote!). That means taking action and doing the physical work. If the Ahhh meditation doesn’t work for you, find something that does. There are many manifesting meditations out there. The next step is to create a vision board and to have this in front of you as you do your daily meditation. I chose to make the wall opposite of my bed as my vision board. I have placed everything I want to create in my life directly in front of me so every morning I can pay homage to it and to remember to do my meditation!

Another technique that has helped me to manifest are spells. Pagans truly tapped into the magical power of spells, as they are great ways to release the worry of the mind. Spells are simply manifesting techniques, and fun creative ways to help you to physically create something in your present moment that symbolizes and represents the manifestation you are working on. Seeing something in your physical space that was created to bring you more abundance is a good reminder that you have already let your desires go to the universe and you can now trust that Spirit is working on your behalf to bring it to you! It also helps you to release the ongoing thoughts and worries that come up in step 4.

The last step of your action plan is gratitude. We must realize that we aren’t manifesting because we lack in our life, we are manifesting to own our power! Be thankful every day for the food that you eat, for the breath that you take and for all the abundance that comes into your life! Focus on the good in your life not the lack! Start a gratitude journal and write at least 5 things every day that you are grateful for. This will keep you in a space of humbleness. Humble that we are honoured to be here on Earth at this time to create, manifest and to help others! Gratitude humbles the heart and shows you how abundant you already are in your present day. By practicing gratitude it will alleviate the needs, and the false belief systems that create attachment to possessions. That’s the illusion. You don’t need a better life; you already have so much more than most people in your life! Be grateful! Remember, it is your present moment that brings you joy. You are creating to own your God given incarnate powers in the physical plane! Nothing more. When you can accomplish this, you can sit back and observe.

4. Patience is a Virtue. Playing the waiting game:

patienceThis step is the shortest step to explain yet it is the hardest for most people to do. This is letting go. You have done your work. You are meditating every morning, you are practicing gratitude. The next step is to allow the Universe to do its job and to wait it out. This is why doing spells when you are new to co-creating is a fun and easy way to remind yourself that you let it go. When you have done something physical to release and let go it reminds you when the worry kicks in to stop and realize that you did the spell. You have already let go, so there is no need to think about it. Once we allow the worry to come into our minds, we second guess and then what happens? The Universe stops what’s it’s doing in the ethers to listen to your new desires, which are now coming from a place of doubt! Remember! You already created what you wanted from a feeling space! Don’t allow doubt and worry to change your mind! Letting go takes practice, but this is why practicing spirituality such as a gratitude journal and a morning meditation will bring you into a centered space and alleviate that doubt and worry in your every day. When you practice spirituality, the manifesting can happen faster because you have truly let go and are now allowing.

5. Receiving: imagesThis is the fun part! Keep in mind that some manifestations take time and work. The Universe may need your help to do some more physical labour before the manifestation can come to full fruition. For instance, I can’t simply leave my job today and move to Bali! I have to rent my home out first! I have to place the advertisement and de-clutter my home. My full manifestation won’t come unless I do some more physical work. So you see, the signs will come to you, and you will receive messages of the next steps of the to-do list from the Universe. Remember you are CO-CREATING. Once you do more of the physical labour you can go back to steps 3 and 4 and repeat as necessary. Then there are other manifestations that drop right into your lap right away! All you have to do is open your arms and say YES! I accept this beautiful gift I have co-created because it is also validation of my true power, faith, and path!

There you have it! A true, honest step by step process of creating the life you want! I have included the link to the Wayne Dyer Ahhh mediation at the end of this article. Remember you are worthy of all the abundance you humbly desire in your heart. I’m not going to lie; it has taken me 10 years to get to this space of full honest faith with absolutely no fear. The start was a tad rough, but when the manifestation finally appeared the excitement and joy of owning my true power is a feeling beyond any hardships I have ever endured! I want you to realize that you are a powerful being, so amazingly bright and gifted, that you have so much to give to the planet!

So start owning your God Self and get manifesting!

Namaste xoxo

© Rena Wells 2015

Dr Wayne Dyer’s Meditation for Manifestation available to buy on Amazon 


Looking at pennies in piggy bank — Image by © Ronnie Kaufman/Larry Hirshowitz/Blend Images/Corbis

Steve Jobs Quote from LuvImages

Note from Editor & Founder Alex Clarke: Rena is absolutely spot on! Starting the day with Dr Wayne Dyer’s Ah Meditations changed my life and can change yours too! Give it a go, you’ve nothing to lose! 🙂

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