An Empaths Love Letter to a Narcissistic False Twin Flame by Latoya Beverly

Being an empath has its great insights, but little did I know what co-dependency would be like in my love life. Especially when it came to how deep our love would be. It was eye opening to realize how far deep our love could go. I became more mindful, realizing how falling in love with a false twin flame would open my world completely.

So, I share this letter with you, on just how deep your love can go for feeling someone’s pain. It is not wrong or right, it is just the beauty of how someone’s sensitivities can show up.

Letter (October 26, 2015)    

lbtwLet your tears wash up on the water, let your heart breaks wash out into the ocean, let the ocean take your forgiveness, let it wash away your pain, and let the ocean take away your breath.

The highest expression of love is creativity. Innocence expresses that we are forgiveness and that forgiveness is within separation of the mind and once this occurs, sexual energy is mutual. Full love is the experience of our divine partner, divine love is ecstasy, there is no fear in love, and perfect love casts out all fear, bringing a sense of equality.

Acceptance is love, but letting it go in the bottomless ocean, we know that time heals all wounds and yet timing is supposed to be perfect timing or divine timing, right? When your heart is broken, what do you do? How do you find comfort in loving yourself and accepting love from others to help you through the pain?

So, I say to you beautiful man, show me where it hurts because it is the place I hurt too, show me where I can make it all better, show me so I can kiss away the pain, I can mend your heart back together so you can see the light you are in this world. I am still here, so let’s be clear, but the truth is I would and have never hurt you the way that others have hurt you and reality is, maybe how you hurt yourself. So why do you push me away?

Where do we go from here, follow my light that shines your path, I promise your path will no longer be dark, your day is bright, but don’t seek the light from the outside, seek the light that is within. Take my hand because I am still here. Don’t hurt me, when I am the light shining your path, lay your head in my lap and within my soul. Let me heal you, like you heal me. tf2

Now that I realize, what you were doing, I see you for who you are. I see that all I could be was your energy charge but now it is time to say good-bye. You can go on loving everyone else and barely loving yourself and not getting the love you need to be exactly the shining star God made you out to be.

I know what you are capable of, I know what your powers are, I know what fills you, and I know that smile that just goes from ear to ear and ignites the souls around you. I AM that same light.

I know the beat of your heart, that vibe that you dance to, but you have to trust exactly where you are at this very time and so do I. Know that the hurt is now over, all your tears are now washed away and a new life waits for you.

You have showed me that it is not time to move on and for this I can now cry, I can now pick my face up off the ground and I can have the courage to take back what was rightfully mine.

So, now I must move on, to be the WARRIOR I know I have been for many life times. I will go and be the love and be the leader of the pack. Just know that we are love, we are light and we are luminous!

Thank you for lifting me high and making me aware of the fallen light.

© Latoya Beverly 2015

Latoya Beverly is a regular columnist at Being through balance and bliss. Se is also founder of Integrative Mindfulness Healing and a spiritual master coach and spiritual counsellor. If you would like more information or to schedule a complimentary intuitive session go to her website

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