Review of ‘Awaken your Inner Faerie in 30 Days’ by Ram Das Batchelder

My wife won’t be very happy about this, but while reading “Awaken Your Inner Faerie in 30 Days” I rapidly fell in love with Alex Clarke.

My lovely book!

It wasn’t that she’s a brilliant and highly entertaining writer; she is, but that’s not it. And it’s not that she’s charming or sexy or alluringly mysterious – she may be all that, but I haven’t met her in person, so that had nothing to do with it. It was the raw, dark, on-the-edge-of-suicide suffering she’s lived through combined with the uniquely sparkling light she’s now radiating to the world that somehow touched my inner core and made me feel like holding her hand and saying thank you, I love you, you’re amazing. What a blessing that you’ve entered my world. Please stay.

How else to respond to the two-time rape survivor who now says to all of us, “You are safe at all times. … Lightness is your birthright.” To the girl who at age 14 was ‘stealing cars and drinking until she dropped,’ and is now shining such a beacon of hope and faerie-winged inspiration not only to me but the thousands of young ones on the brink of despair who might just be saved by her down-to-earth, loving words. As she says, “I will be relentless, absolutely fearless and in your face when it comes to telling you that you are brilliant, amazing and truly worthy of a wonderful life! I will be forceful in pushing my opinion that you deserve an awesome, loving, creative and forgiving relationship with yourself! You do deserve it, you can have it, it is waiting, it is close, it is within you, reach out and take it! You have the power to make it a reality!”

Only one who has seen the depths of hell and made her way nonetheless to heaven while keeping her feet on the ground can speak in such a voice.

Alex Clarke

Alex Clarke – author of Awaken your Inner Faerie

One thing I really love about Alex Clarke’s writing is that even though she knows the universe is a unified web of consciousness, she knows very well that such language usually doesn’t take most people very far in their healing process. In her work helping struggling young women she’s found that one of the most potent tools is to introduce them to faerie energy, as “the fastest way to rekindle their passion for life.” This book offers a 30-day plan for discovering the faerie within, and reconnecting to the sparkling creative energy source that we all truly are. And I have to tell you, the writing is as entertaining, funny and delightful as it is enlightening.

She starts with a questionnaire which helps us discover our own “Faerie Clan”, each of which comes with its own totem animal, and is led by a clan queen, to whom we are then personally introduced, via a guided meditation/shamanic journey. This stuff is for real.

And with each new day, an easy and enjoyable new step is offered to help us discover our own faerie-winged creative power, innate joy and sizzlingly sexy divinity.

Thank you, Alex Clarke! What a blessing that you’ve entered my world. Please stay.”

©Ram Das Batchelder 2015

Awaken your Inner Faerie in 30 Days – learn to live from your creative core is published by 6th Books and is winner of Prediction Magazine’s Publishing Competition. You can grab a copy from AmazonWaterstones, or get a FREE sample on iTunes.

ram das

Ram Das Batchelder is author of Rising in Love: My Wild and Crazy Ride to Here and Now, with Amma, the Hugging Saint. To read more about his book check out the Being through Balance and Bliss Review here! Or read our interview together on ‘Gurus’ in which Ram Das Batchelder has some profound offerings for us to enjoy.





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