January Diet Lemmings by Diane Enderby



Christmas has been and gone,

And we’ve slept through New Year’s Day,

But between the parties and February,

January stands in the way.

Where New Year’s


Set people up for a fall,

And everyone starts making lists,

Of unattainable rules.

So half the world stops

smoking, images

And replaces cigarettes with snacks,

And the other half stops


And swaps food with 20 packs.

But, its early on Tuesday


And everyone’s back to work,

Their faces glowing from too much wine,

And a weight watchers card

in their purse.

They count up their points from Ryvita, 8937_ryvita-fancy-that-advert

And take their cake with no cream,

While the diet industry pulls thousands of pounds,

Making money off low self-esteem.

So they all get to starve

and go to the gym,

And it all sounds very inviting,

But you know if you join in your weight will drop off,

And the consequences are frightening.

It’s not worth surviving on oranges, ccf12f60cc276d72f2beb8742c2c0229

And milk with minimal fat,

Don’t join the lemmings

queue for their cliff,

You deserve better than that.

Don’t get dragged down by the media,

Don’t let them reduce you to tears,

Don’t let them steal all the

time and hard work,

That you put into last year.

You are all strong and


You have a special place in my heart, fc1d23438c149a546e0dfc11feacf6a4

This New year let’s stick together,

And make a positive start.

Let’s not make resolutions,

To put ourselves through hell,

My only wish for 2016,

Is that we all are happy and well.


© Diane Enderby 2016

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