2016: The Feminine Year of Transformation, by Rena Wells

red-cannaThe Goddess energy of 2016 is here and it’s tipping and spilling its cup of love into the New Year. Its volcanic dormancy is now complete, and it’s on the verge of exploding. Yes this year is going to shake things up because the energy has been molding and melding into the new blueprint that has been laid out as a result from the massive cycles in our solar system in 2015. Remember we just left a year of the tetrad blood moons, eclipses, and full moons during pertinent times like the winter solstice.  So if things are in disarray, and a scattered chaotic mess, take this as a great sign! It means you have been called to transform your essence into your powerful God Self!

2016 is the number 9 in numerology, meaning transformation. Doors will be slamming shut, and sometimes quite abruptly, and new doors are opening to a new adventure to heal all that no longer serves your highest good.  Due to our human conditioning, some of us tend to hang on to what has been. We only see the closed door. This is where we must let go of our control, take a step back, pause, breathe and ponder in the ebb and flow that we are a part of a greater consciousness. Our only power is our power of choice, and we are being called at this time to choose for our highest good. That’s our free will, the black and white choice between illusion and truth. We have a choice between our human conditioning, or the calling of our soul.   Many of us are experiencing this now, and it will continue for most of 2016 as everyone is at different area in their transformation.

This transformation energy is from a high frequency of love. The highest light of creation can pierce through the darkest veil, like a sun blazing through a dark cloudy sky. Only light can break up the dark and this is why we are strongly feeling this change.

In our human, earthly consciousness, we have created belief systems to explain, justify, and understand our exterior world, however through the eyes of our higher selves, this perspective changes. This is the main reason why there is so much transformation going on at this time, and why it will continue throughout 2016. Many people in the mass consciousness are solidifying a stronger connection to their higher selves. This is done through the Goddess energy of self-love and nurturing. These Goddess skills are here to guide you through the dark realms of pain so you can learn how to self-care. Self-love is something most of us have put on the back burner, however if you are reading this article, I’m here to say, it’s now time.  If we don’t break open, how can we ever clear and transcend into the light?

To fully understand this Goddess energy of love, we must differentiate and redefine love, from both perspectives of human beliefs, and how the Universe loves. Let’s start from the bottom up, the triangle.

The upright triangle is an ancient symbol for masculine energy, the expansion of consciousness from the ground up. It is the expansion of awareness from the earth, up towards the sky. This is where many of us began in our spirituality, and evolved in the spiritual development of various practices such as Shamanism, and paganism. All forms of religion are based in the format of the ground up.  This masculine energy has increased over the centuries, and it has gained momentum in power on our earth, to the point of imbalance.  We must remember, it’s not “bad” it’s simply out of balance. This is the reasoning for the rise of the divine feminine energy, that will teach humans how to nurture, love, temper, and balance the yang (masculine) with the rise  of the yin (feminine).

The ancient symbol for the womb, the cup of life, the chalice, is the inverted triangle.  This is the womb that holds the creation of life. This channel of feminine energy transitions higher dimensions of consciousness into the densest form which is our Earthly third dimensional world.tri2

Considering the mass consciousness resides in the traditional form of rising in the masculine, we become comfortable in this energy. Humans are known to enjoy their comfort. We nest, build homes, communities and other means to establish security. Yet in this security we box ourselves in to the point where we forget the creative force beyond our conditioned belief systems. Our comfort in the masculine has conditioned us to experience our exterior world, where we have forgotten the balance of the creation of the feminine from within.

This is scary for many because that means we are being called to seek the power within us, to face our darkest demons, to clear them in self-love through the scared awakened heart.

I have been guided to speak to the steps of this awakening for 2016 and the 5 steps of this awakening as we all proceed throughout the year.  These steps can gently be used to understand the dark energy that is clearing from the imbalance of the masculine. This dark energy isn’t bad; it’s simply coping patterns and old belief systems that will not be able to reside in the new energy as the mass consciousness shifts.

  1. Knowing: This is the first sign that something within our body is shifting. We will begin to feel a stirring which can mostly be found in the heart chakra, and the solar plexus. Other chakras are affected; however the most significant power centres will be the tie between the heart and the gut. This is the bridging between the physical and the spiritual realm. The heart is the portal to the spiritual realms, and the solar plexus brings that power down into the lower chakras. This is the bridging of what many ascended masters spoke of manifesting Heaven on Earth. The first feelings can be very uncomfortable. It depends on how many emotions we have refused to feel, stuffed with addictions, or other avoidance patterns we have created in the psyche. The feminine energy shocks the heart portal into a remembrance of our true nature. This purity of light breaks open the container of repressed emotions, and begins to bring them to the surface to heal. Unfortunately what humans consider pain; grief and agony are in fact avenues to greater clarity, love and awakening. If we have the courage to feel without judgement and allow these emotions to run through our bodies, this will bring a profound healing into your life! Naturally we have an innate knowing that we shouldn’t be feeling pain, however due to the many lives and false illusions we believed over many incarnations, there is no other way to clear that energy from our bodies. There will be a point in your evolution where there will be no more energy to clear and you will have the ability to transmute anything that doesn’t resonate for your highest good. Until then, the best we can do is to simply recognize the shifting within and tell ourselves this is normal during this time of transition. This is the act of allowing ourselves to feel the emotions that surface within us as it gives us the opportunity to own our authenticity from our hearts, and to love ourselves fully for the experience.  We are grander than these feelings, and yet in order for us to fully become our true God Selves on Earth, we have to release the power we give to these suppressed emotions, and find healthy, kind ways during the release stage.  It’s ok to be off kilter at this time, so give yourself permission to relax, and allow yourself to acknowledge this shifting within over the next little while. All you have to do is to recognize that something is happening within you. When you are ready to understand these emotions more, please move onto the next step.

  2. Facing Your Demons: Becoming comfortable that suppressed emotions are arising, this is the time to acknowledge the fear you may have about facing them. Do your best not to choose fear. This will take time as the emotions surface, and yes, there will be moments when we continue to indulge in our coping patterns. Mine was marijuana, partying, sex and drinking. The key here is to simply face the emotion and the urge to cope. Be mindful of the emotions, and bring space to it by speaking to the feelings. Tell these emotions that you see it, you feel it and you recognize it. I also like to scan my body internally to see where the emotion is sitting in my body, and I bring a loving touch to that area. Simply sit there for couple of minutes as you bring awareness to it.  Acknowledge the ways you wish to cope, and ask yourself if this is a choice you wish to engage in. Once you acknowledge the choice, bring love towards yourself no matter if you decide to cope in an unhealthy pattern, or in a new healthy way. The point is you are facing the dark head on, and not stuffing the emotions fully. By giving yourself a choice each time the emotions surface, and by speaking internally to yourself, even if you pray in that moment for strength, a time will come where you will want to choose differently, and you will. Bring this new practice into every instance where you feel something uncomfortable arising within you, and always put love and kindness at the forefront when speaking to those emotions.  If you are unsure how to do that for yourself, picture someone you love and what you would say to them if they were experiencing the same things. Would you hold them? Then hold yourself. Would you speaking lovingly towards them and encourage them? Then do this for yourself.

  3. Feeling Your Dark: When you have decided to allow the suppressed emotion to fully surface this is the time to be in a fully loving space of allowance, and to find different ways to safely express this energy. Journaling the energy is a great way to get it out, a hot bath, or a walk. A good cry feast in the shower, or a punching bag regime to express that rage. Whatever the method you choose it’s important to allow it to flow freely without suppressing. Yes, you may feel that you appear “crazy”. That’s ok! There is no judgement in this space. It’s simply to release and to fully feel it. It’s important to find different healthy methods that you enjoy in your everyday life, and see if you can incorporate them when you are feeling dark emotions arise. The more you practice this technique; the dark emotions will be much less over time and eventually will no longer be ruling your life.

  4. Release and Surrender: This is the step where the Angels and the Universe come into play of letting go of all control. During step 3 as you are feeling your dark it’s very important to let go of all of these emotions into the unknown. This will build faith, and trust in your higher self and solidify this connection. Humans love to believe that we are in control of our lives, when in reality our world is created from constant manifestations produced by your feelings.  What you feel within will energetically coincide and create your physical experience.  Sure we have the power of choice, however based on what you feel in your inner world is what will create your outer world, no matter what choices you make. The key here is to merge these two aspects, so that the choices you make will align to the way you feel inside yourself. The only way to do that is to let go of all these emotions, and to ask the angels and spirit to come into your heart and to remove what no longer serves you. This is utilizing your free will in a highly evolved way because you are seeking help from the higher consciousness. This will speed up the healing and it will transmute the energy from dark into light. However you choose to pray, meditate, or communicate with spirit is a personal choice that resonates with you. By practicing and allowing spirit into your life, this energy will aid you in manifesting faster, and the ability to transmute lower vibrations from your life as your proceed on your path.

  5. Balance: This is the aftermath of releasing. Notice the new energy in your body now that the release has happened. It’s time to regain balance and this comes with self-love and self-nurturing techniques. Now that you have released some of the dark, fill yourself up with light! Do things you love, or challenge yourself into learning new things, especially around your spiritual interests, and your passions. By filling yourself up with things you love to do from your heart will fill the emptiness that was left behind from the releasing. In the past many of us chose to repeat patterns which only kept us in a perpetual state of stagnation. By making a different choice to choose something entirely different after the release will aid in your evolution and growth.

By following these steps, this will help you during the 2016 feminine Goddess transition. Everyone is going to be feeling this shift, and no matter where you are at in your growth, these steps will allow you to solidify your connection to the higher realms as you learn to fully release and grow as the Universe guides you. Welcome to the transitional Goddess movement, get ready for the ride, and most importantly enjoy this as much as possible. Yes releasing and feeling suppressed emotions is hard work, but what you gain in the long run will catapult you into a life you only once dreamed of! Your dreams can become a reality! The first step is simply to clear what no longer serves you so the universe can create miracles in your life. This transition is from living from the mind into the awakened heart.



Copyright 2016 Rena Wells

Columnist Rena Wells
Rena Wells

Rena Wells is a resident columnist here at Being through balance and bliss. She’s an authentic, genuine, intuitive messenger of the divine who has a clear connection to source through which a profound message arrived to share with the world – the true meaning of LIFE, (Living Internal Freedom Everyday). Want to know more? Check out the interview Rena gave us by clicking here

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One comment

  1. I have to say I love this piece by Rena. While indulging in some Number 3-4 action I found myself in Cat pose growling, roaring, and grunting to liberate my dark yin loveliness – it became quite furious…then, knock knock
    What’s that? Shit it’s the door. Ignore it.
    Knock knock
    Goddammit! I run around looking for some proper clothes to put on
    Knock knock
    Okay okay!
    I open the front door. My neigbours face; slight concern, slight nosiness
    “You ok? I heard…noise?”
    “Yeah yeah, I’m just doing… yoga”

    Fun Times!!!


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