Matt & Emmy’s Magic Rambles #1

1.2Have you been on a walk this winter?

Winter walks are spectacular. They have a magic all of their own; a secret kind of magic, quite unlike those bright summer walks. Summer tends to show off all his magic at once, like so many bow ties and hats and funky tap shoes. Winter is different. She keeps her bow ties under rocks and roots and leaves. She’s quiet and thoughtful, all soft snowfalls and sweater weather.


The woods are lovely in winter, all golden and brown, like honey on toast. The grey squirrels are friendlier in the cold – on our walk we saw two close by. They didn’t run when we walked past, only looked up to make sure we weren’t after their nuts. *Matt knows where each nut is stored but he never steals, never ever. I expect it’s because I feed him so many jam tarts.

The stream rolled along quite peacefully. It made us want to tread lightly, for we could barely hear it even as we walked along it; even as we stood still it hardly made a sound. It was as if we were looking through a magic lens into another world.

Perhaps we were. At times it is hard to tell!

Goodbye for now – Emmy Clarke

*Matt is Emmy’s Spirit Guide

Copyright Emmy Clarke 2016

Author – Emmy Clarke

Emmy Clarke is author of Children’s and YA fiction. Her first book Luch & Friends is available on Amazon & Barnes & Noble.

To read more of her adventures in writing, book reviewing, and life with her spirit guide Matt check out her blog Books and Flowers.

You can follow her on Tumbr & Twitter too!

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