Emmy & Matt’s Snowy Night – By Emmy Clarke

It snowed recently 2-1

We went out in it only for a moment, crunching slowly through the powdery white of our garden. A crow greeted us with a scream. We screamed back. It was a very polite conversation.

The night before, we’d watched the snow fall from my bedroom window – gentle and silent, infinitely calming. I couldn’t sleep that night for thinking about it, hoping it would stick. It delighted us to watch it fall, to watch it coat the grass and all the houses in a soft, cold embrace. I thought back to the millions of people, over hundreds of years, who have stood at their windows and watched the snow fall.

Everything was, and is, moving as it should.

*Matt is Emmy’s Spirit Guide

Copyright Emmy Clarke 2016


Emmy Clarke is author of Children’s and YA fiction. Her first book Luch & Friends is available on Amazon & Barnes & Noble. To read more of her adventures in writing, book reviewing, and life with her spirit guide Matt check out her blog Books and Flowers.

You can follow her on Tumbr & Twitter too!


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