Emmy & Matt’s Valentine’s Day

8-5Matt* had a whole bunch of surprises lined up for our Valentine’s walk. The first thing I saw upon stepping out the door was a cloud shaped like a heart. That’s how you know you’re in for a treat!

The woods were alive with the rustlings of spring. Birds sang all morning long, and it seemed as if they sang just for me. I heard my name “Em-my! Em-my!” and Matt laughed and said: “They are singing for you! I’m leading them on my whistle!” I suppose he was, because after that the songs picked up, and began to sound almost like a little orchestra. “Em-my! Em-my! Chirrup tweet hurray!”


We found a magpie feather. On our way to make a wish by it at the stream, we saw some fairies dancing on the path. They showed themselves as lights, shimmering and twisting. We stayed and watched them a while then passed on by.  It wouldn’t do to spirit ourselves away! Once at the stream we made a wish and threw our feather – a little willy-nilly, Matt says, but it did the trick. In fact, it blew back and hit me in the face – a good sign, I think!


To top it all off, we met a squirrel. I say ‘met’ because she gave me a gift. It was a lovely gift: a spindly, gnawed off bit of branch that fell as I passed underneath the branch she sat on.

Now, as I’m writing, Matt is sat opposite me, grinning from ear to ear. He likes

He likes when I type his name: Matt! Matt! Matt! I love you!

*Matt is my spirit guide

©Emmy Clarke 2016

emmyEmmy Clarke is author of Children’s and YA fiction. Her first book Luch & Friends is available on Amazon & Barnes & Noble.

To read more of her adventures in writing, book reviewing, and life with her spirit guide Matt check out her blog Books and Flowers.

You can follow her on Tumbr & Twitter too!

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