Under pressure to be a Happy Spring Lamb?

lambsIt is SPRING! Gorgeous Ostara is blowing blossoms in our face as the Goddess Flora is tickling our noses with posies…maybe.

Sometimes spring arrives way before hibernation has finished, and well, life can feel less than springy. Happiness still hasn’t shaved her legs or wiped the crust from her eyes. She can’t be arsed getting out of bed to sniff posies, blossoms, or even her own jumper’s pits before she puts it on straight from the floor.

Not everyone is a  spring lamb.

Spring lambs are eager, fast, bouncy and undeniably snuggable in their tail wagging enthusiasm.


Me. I’m more like a badger. I dig into my pit through winter and slowly emerge in the spring, (hoping the government isn’t about to cull me or my family.) I can be gruff in winter. Slow to wake in spring.

So… how can badgers be more spring lambish?

The answer is we don’t have to. There is no imperative. Slow gruffness is adorable too. Badgers are brilliant. Look at their claws – fucking amazing for digging in deep. Surely there is space for both lambs and badgers in this weird positive thinking eco-system I’ve just invented for no reason. Yes? No?

Of course yes.

Life is a simple. Our well-being is simple. If we let it be.

lamb_leapI don’t mean if we figure out a way to let it be simple. NO. I mean leave it alone. Stop picking. If you have a badger day. So what. If you have a lamb day. So what?

Neither is more moral. Neither is more beneficial. Neither define you.

We live in a world which continually demands our smile. Why?

If there is one thing I’ve figured out, whether with clients or myself, it is that happiness is not as valuable as acceptance.

Strangely, acceptance kinda enables happiness. Not the wild crazy excited happiness which is BOOM then gone. But the slow sustained happiness that comes from knowing you won’t attack yourself for feeling things you perhaps didn’t preference or schedule. This happiness is espoused from knowing you can be whole.


A strange hybrid of spring lamb and badger. Double trouble. Twice as much to love.

I wish you all a whole spring. One in which no experience is denied, no aspect of self demonized. A spring in which you welcome the whole of you out into the light to smell the posies, (or avoid them if you have badger induced hay-fever)

And if you have trouble accepting things as they are, from one badger to another, here’s couple of simple affirmations gruffly grumped out…simply repeat them to yourself in your best badger voice…


‘Being me is ok’

Nothing grandiose, nothing outcome led, nothing undermining, just…

‘My life is alright’

And then go about your gruff badgery business. You’ll wake up soon enough, there’s no rush.

Much love


©Alex Clarke 2016



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2 thoughts on “Under pressure to be a Happy Spring Lamb?

  1. Evoking Grace says:

    It’s great more & more people can see now the power held in a “badger” day! No one has ever asked us to go around with a massive smile on our face the whole time! As long as we don’t act on our emotions, it’s healthy to experience them! Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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