Create balance in your busy life – by Antonia Lyons

pic 1I’ve been feeling tired and overwhelmed lately.

So much so, I decided to give my online media obligations a mini-break, in the hope I’d regain my mojo in the meantime. Allowing myself to take that break gave me the space to gain a fresh insight into what was really going on within me. It suddenly occurred to me that I may have turned into one of those people who take immense pleasure in being “busy.” For instance, all my recent conversations have seemed to go something like this:

“How are you?”

“Oh gee, I’m so busy, you know? I don’t even have time to enjoy my afternoon cup of tea these days.” (Yep …I treasure my 4pm biccies and a cup of very milky English Breakfast tea with a passion!).

The other day, I caught myself really loving being able to let others know how frantic and demanding life had been for me recently. While I stood there giving a lengthy explanation as to why finding time for myself was an impossible task right then, it was suddenly very clear to me that I was feeling my own thinking.

My thoughts had created this insanely busy life, where I not only found myself doing the same thing over and over again, but I also didn’t give much value to what I put out there. I was too preoccupied in thinking that anyone trying to juggle lots of different things at the same time must be “busy.”

Do you see where I’m going with this?

I have realised how it is that I start feeling my “busyness” right from the moment I open my eyes in the morning.

“Sorry Universe, can’t really talk to you right now ‘cause I’m too busy planning my busy day”…and here my morning meditation ritual goes out of the window!

 What makes us feel this need to fill our lives with exhaustion and anxiety?

Well, it could be a number of things. We could be trying to avoid how lonely we feel inside, or evading connection with ourselves because we may not like what we’d find. Perhaps we’re even associating our worth with being “busy”.

Ultimately, it’s what we do with this information that will make a difference to our lives. When we start feeling overwhelmed, this is our innate intelligence trying to point us in the direction of wellness and ease. If we don’t pay attention, we suffer, and so we halt the natural flow of life.

We don’t fight “busyness” with multitasking. In fact, our brains do not have the capacity to multitask. It’s just not the way we’re built. However, when some genius came up with the word “juggling”, we thought it sounded so cool that we decided to start using it all the time.

pic 2

Like white spaces on a page waiting to be filled in, we need these “breathing moments” where we allow ourselves to experience life. It could literally be anything that slows our thinking down and brings us back to the moment, whether it’s five minutes in the morning between meetings or an hour at the end of the day. It could be choosing a good read over disappearing into the online realm. It might even be as simple as having the luxury of ordering coffee to stay rather than to go, or enjoying a nice family walk after dinner.

Our lives are like a gigantic jigsaw, but our experiences are like the individual pieces. So while “white spaces” are ways to increase our awareness, create opportunities to connect with others, and become more balanced, they are ultimately a way to bring together all the pieces of our lives. Without this connection, we’d only be a beautiful loose jigsaw that has been forgotten in its box.

So when did you last catch yourself feeling tired and depleted?

Did you stop and rest?

And how can you create more space in your life, trusting that what needs doing will be done?


©Antonia Lyons 2016

Welcome into my world!

pic 3I’m the founder of Evoking Grace, a coaching program designed to inspire others to be their very best while bringing ease and balance into their everyday life. I can be contacted by email for more details on the work I offer or to schedule a free Wisdom Within Session. Follow my mumblings & musings on  Facebook Twitter & Pinterest

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