Women Writers We Need You!


Would you be interested in lending a piece of work to a fundraising anthology? I’m looking for poetry, short stories, short plays, and extracts of longer pieces for an anthology called…

Women of the Wild.

Yes, you can interpret that ANY way you wish. Normally write scifi or fantasy? Great! Get stuck in. Romance or satire…go nuts. In particular, I am encouraging new writers to submit. Also I’d like to hear stories from underrepresented and marginalized women too. Do NOT let lack of a University degree, or other such worries, stop you submitting. Please tell me a story (whether you can spell, or not, is irrelevant as I have a volunteer proofreader and editor) and the best tales I’ve ever been told are by people at bus-stops, on deathbeds, by toadstools – nobody gave them permission – they just told a story. What’s yours…

The cause? 

To raise money for The Women’s Playgroup a get together for women survivors of violence to come together and heal through the creative arts. I believe in the power of creativity to transform women’s lives – I hope as fellow writers, you do too. Currently, we have enough money to last for 6 months thanks to Trafford Partnership and Coppice BlueSCI and our crowdfunding page ! To enable us to be more sustainable, I’m getting creative. A fundraising anthology of women’s words will be released each year as part of our penny gathering efforts.

Still interested? Great! Here’s how to submit…

  1. Send me your story to: alexclarke333@gmail.com
  2. Include a short bio (think of something you’d be happy sharing on this blog)

What happens after submission

You will hear from me within four weeks of the closing date 1st Jan 2017.

If we do not use your piece in the anthology, you will be offered the opportunity to be shared in our Sunday Stories Series. Sunday Stories consists of posting your piece on this blog and sharing across social media with the hashtag #SundayStories. You do NOT have to take part in Sunday Stories! And even if you do, but later want your piece removed all you have to do is ask.

What’s in it for you?

I know, it’s annoying – an opportunity and yet again it’s not paid! I’ve no excuse, cos I’m asking for your help yet have no money to pay you for your hours of crafting. Genuinely, I’m sorry. I don’t want to be lame and say you get ‘exposure’ cos people should be paid for their work! All I will say is this…The Women’s Playgroup is ran voluntarily, it is free for survivors to use, no one is getting paid for any of this. Not me, not you. So if you feel you really can give us some words, we will go to every effort to spread the word about you and your other projects/websites/social-media etc.

_20160816_212547The last fundraising anthology I created, ‘Poems for Freedom’ came runner up in the Morning Star’s Poetry awards and featured poets such as Steph Pike, Heathcote Williams, Antoine Cassar, Rob Gee, Cathy Bryant, and Steve Evets – see opposite.

Stuff you need to know (maybe) You do not need to be born in the UK, or be a UK citizen to submit.

  1. You can submit more than one piece for consideration.
  2. We welcome submissions from The Women’s Playgroup members and Facebook friends only befriend us here. Unless you do not have access to the internet and are submitting using someone else’s email (in which case let me know when you submit.)
  3. Everyone must follow the 2 steps in the submissions
  4. You must be 16+ to submit
  5. Closing date is Jan 1st 2017
  6. You will receive a decision by Feb 2017
  7. Release date June 2017 (approx)
  8. We aim to publish in print and Ebook format
  9. Writers retain their copyright and right to publish elsewhere
  10. Your work can be previously published elsewhere
  11. All work must be owned by you. If you’ve nicked it, or plagiarized some poor devil, I will hunt you.
  12. I do like faerie tales when they are subversive, re-worked, and splurged with empowerment.
  13. Be bold. But be you. If you have a quiet gentle voice, I will still hear you. If you have a deep booming voice – boom away.


If you still have a query, please ask! Use the contact box below. I really look forward to hearing from you and working together!

All the best!

Alex Clarke


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