My play ‘Our Kid Jesus’ wins 24:7 Theatre Festival’s ‘Big Idea Competition’!

(Originally posted Sept 2013)


So my play in progress ‘Our Kid Jesus’ won 24:7 theatre festival‘s big idea competition!

Our Kid Jesus is about an unconventional Manchester family who are under pressure from all sides. Single mum Linda spends her days looking for work and hiding from bailiffs, her son J.D busies his mind cooking up the next get rich quick scheme, her daughter Devon has become a born again Christian, and her best friend Moosha is in the process of gender realignment. When the local community centre is bought by a radical Christians, Devon is delighted, but Moosha’s ‘Rainbow yoga’ group are thrown out – dividing the family and community. To make matters worse, the bailiffs catch up with the family, Devon takes a tumble and wakes up believing she’s Jesus giving J.D an idea of how solve all their problems, but will it work?

Well, you’ll have to wait till its full staging to find out!


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