My play Seconds @ The Pleasance Theatre

the pleasence

(Originally posted August 2012)

Fantastic people work at Writer’s Avenue. They’re not only talented, vibrant, helpful and creative, but they’re really nice people. They have enabled me develop as a writer this year with their wonderful input. It’s been great fun pulling my play Seconds up by its boots straps and it’s been due to their enthusiasm and theatre-centric attitude. It is still true that theatre is co-operative at worst and collaborative at best.

seconds-castThe whole process has been bliss. From Seconds appearing in the first 20 minutes, being voted through to the Final Stage, and then to then win! It has been exciting, challenging and joyful. Thanks to everyone who voted, the production team, director and cast. You are all brilliant. And special thanks to the industry judging panel for coming along


Amy O’Neill      (Casting Director)

Bola Agbaje    (Playwright and film writer)

Caro Dixey      (Literary Manager)

Philip Gawthorne (Screen writer and Playwright)

Sarah Hughes   (Casting Director)

Simeilia Hodge Dallaway (Director)

David Lazenby-Richard Stone Partnership (Acting and Literary Agent)

Nicholas McInerny (Play, radio and screenwriter)

The full version of Seconds will be produced this September at The Pleasance theatre in London. Come along, I’d love to see you there.




©Alex Clarke 2013


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