The Girl Who Dressed as a Bear – published in Hashtag Queer, Vol. 1.

I’m very pleased to announce that my short screenplay The Girl Who Dressed as a Bear is included within the U.S anthology Hashtag Queer, Vol. 1.

This really means a lot to me.

My young protagonist, Pippa, and her strange bus ride filled with magical strangeness has kinda mirrored the screenplay’s odd journey from my heart to the page, and then from the page to Watersprite Film Festival and then leading to playwright Rebecca Lenkiewicz’s words on the piece…

“This is a beautiful study of a young female life, fractured but hopeful. I really enjoyed Alex’s script. The strangeness of Pippa’s world; her retreat into a bear’s head seeming to be the only way to exist for a while. Its realism was good in the detail of the pills and the doctor and I very much enjoyed the love affair which was instant and unquestioning. The magical realism that followed, and then the ending which was realistic, all went very beautifully together. I’d love to see this film, the images, Pippa’s private world and the necessity of dealing with the real world. Heidi is very touching and their coming together at the end is really hopeful and wonderful. It’s a nicely empowered film about the feeling of being totally disempowered. I hope it will be made and can adhere to the script as the specificity is very good. I enjoyed it very much and feel that Alex will write many more beautiful screenplays. The economy of dialogue was impressive and the visual language was great.”   Rebecca Lenkiewicz’s on The Girl Who Dressed as a Bear

Soon it will be on bookshelves and bringing a smile to many an LGBTQA person’s gorgeous face. Especially if you are a teenager feeling that you are not seen. Well, I see you. You are beautiful. Your feelings of love and romance are valid. YOU are valid.

And just as Pippa realizes, there are others like you out there too…there always has been, and there always will be…WE are here to stay.

I wonder where The Girl Who Dressed as a Bear script will end up next…I mean, who knows? It may even fulfill its destiny and become a short animated film…

Meanwhile if you would like a copy of Hashtag Queer visit Amazon 




© Alex Clarke 2017


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