MY NAME WAS HUNGER – a stageplay

(comedy drama)

The story follows Eileen a Hollywood starlet returning home with early onset dementia to plan her last performance – a live stream of her Death Day party. Desperate for Eileen to snap out of her morbidity and rekindle some passion for life (not to mention hoping to side step getting arrested for helping with a euthanasia party) her long suffering P.A goes in search of Eileen’s learning disabled daughter, Helen, hoping she will be able to tip the scales. Only Helen doesn’t want to play ball, she’s nobody’s inspiration and she want be played (let alone by people who forgot all about her to seek fame and fortune.) Will Eileen’s party go ahead? And will people actually tune in?

Explores: the meaning of a life well lived

Produced by: The Salon:collective. Staged: The Park Theatre’s Script Accelerator event (2013)

Jean Rogers – Actress (Equity Councilor and vice counsellor) on playing Eileen in My Name is Hunger.
“I met Alex when I had the good fortune to work with her on the development of an original theatre play, my name was Hunger. I was excited by her writing. Her dialogue was lyrical, almost poetic, yet totally real. For nearly ten years I had played Dolly Skilbeck in Yorkshire Television’s Emmerdale, speaking dialogue from over a dozen television scriptwriters in that time. You can tell the difference between what is real and works and what is difficult to speak in a convincing manner. I consider Alex to be a gifted writer. She is dedicated, hardworking with a professional attitude”