VAMP – a short script on sexual shaming & vampires

Female sexuality is still taboo – you’d think in an age of sexual saturation it wouldn’t be. But manifestations of revenge porn, and blackmail mean that it must be. Otherwise women (and sadly young women) wouldn’t feel under such pressure to pay up (if it’s blackmail) or suffer humiliation in the aftermath of revenge porn. I don’t ever want anyone to feel such shame, and this motivated the idea behind VAMP – a teen comedy about two teenage friends. One a lesbian and autistic (ABBIE), the other one straight and neurotypical (BONNIE).

Goths Besties are the Best

The two friends are putting on a pageant for vampire cosplayers, when Abbie is hoodwinked into making a wank vid and blackmailed, which backfires as she doesn’t really believe she should feel bad about it and the tables turn.

Why comedy?

Comedy can sometimes communicate difficult situations to young adults in ways drama can’t. Ultimately VAMP is fun cos underneath it all is a story about a strong female friendship.

Craft, craft, craft

The script’s been on a journey over the past few months. Initially it was a series, then I was selected for the BFI/Film Hub North Script Lab and I wrote a feature then a short over the weeks there. I still think it would be better as a series! But these things are collaborative, so a short twelve pager it is.