Disabled writer? Apply for The BFI Network/Film Hub North Script Lab.



I’ve just finished developing the short script VAMP on The BFI Network/Film Hub North’s script lab. (Check out the pix!)  Writing this was so much fun. I’m such a jammy cow I got the chance to work on this one, I think I’ll keep playing with it…

Anyway, thing is… I almost didn’t apply for the lab at all. I didn’t think it was for people like me. Plus I’m notoriously bad at applications and normally draw cats all over them (exam papers get the furry pen treatment too)

So… I’m here to convince ANY and ALL disabled writers to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE apply for the next lab PLEASE. The industry NEEDS you! It really needs you.  (I won’t go on a tangent about representation) Personally, I want to see your film. And we all know great films start with great scripts, right? That means you need to apply.

Want extra reasons? Okay here it goes… 


  1. It will make your script better.
  2. You’ll meet a peer group at varying stages of their writing lives. This will invigorate and motivate. (You won’t get to be with my sexy-ass crew (check them here) but you will get your own, maybe nearly as sexy.)
  3. You’ll get varying opinions on your work. An invitation to decide for yourself what is relevant to your work, what you want to say, and to whom. You may figure out all your whys too.
  4. It will make your script better.
  5. If you find it hard to explain your current script choices (cos it’s probably unconscious in the 1st draft) by the end you’ll have the language and confidence to explain your work. Plus stand by your work.
  6. It WILL make your script better.
  7. You’ll get to take your work seriously (if you don’t already) as everyone else will take your work seriously. That matters. It builds confidence in what is an industry of constant rejection.
  8. It will make your script BETTER!
  9. You’ll get so many “have you seen this film” suggestions that your watch-list will EXPAND into the next dimension and beyond.
  10. It will make your SCRIPT better. You may leave feeling like you’ve been in a washing machine (you won’t) but the WORK will be better and that’s the point isn’t it? Course it is.

I’m a great believer you’re always exactly where you’re meant to be, in order to learn what you’re meant to learn, (yeah, I’m a spiritual fluffball). Personally, I learnt loads.

Firstly, I discovered creating spirit vaginas isn’t that unique, but mainly I gained from the personal development aspect: that was priceless. What I could/couldn’t do as an autistic became well defined and was really useful learning I can take forward. So just APPLY* when it next comes along. PLEASE!

*please don’t apply if you’re not disabled. I mean ffs you have EVERYTHING else already! HAHA Only joking HAHA. No actually, I’m not joking. Ahhhh got you again. Seriously though: don’t apply. HAHA what’s up? Just bantz innit – I’m messin, can’t you take a joke?