The Great British Vampire Pageant – an audio series

Inspired by Salford Arts Theatre’s efforts to keep the young performers honing their skills during lockdown, I’m reviving and revising THE GREAT BRITISH VAMPIRE PAGEANT about two best friends trying to put on a vampire contest with no money and no common sense.

It’s obviously a comedy and it’s set in Salford. And although it was initially a web series, then a short (developed on the BFI/Film Hub North’s development scheme 2019) we’ve decided, due to lockdown, to adapt it into a series of short audio pieces for the young actors to use to develop their skills but also to be part of the whole development process too.

I’m very excited to see what unfolds! The young actors are phenomenal as are the team at Salford Arts Theatre. Roni and Scott’s dedication to the centre is nothing short of inspiring and everything I love about theatre. It’s a challenging time for all theatre folk, but their love and passion still shines. It’s infectious! Follow @SalfordArts for more on their upcoming projects.

Stay safe and well x