What do I know? A short film

WHAT DO I KNOW? is the first in a series of monologues I’m writing through the pandemic. It’s preformed by the brilliant Megan Challinor. The amazingly talented Roni Ellis directs and edits. (yes! They both did this while social distancing, filmed on mobiles and directed remotely – they’re amazing!) Roni and Megan – as always, brought such vigorous life to the the words. Working with them is always inspiring and deeply satisfying. I can wait to work with them more once the restrictions lift and we’re free again!

What’s the story?

DEZ is struggling to define isolation, let alone come to terms with her own inner-isolation. She cannot see her own self deception. The aim was to explore the choices we make to survive a society built on the theory that Self is King – and central to progress and success. When lockdown forces space to cease compartmentalising and emotional disassociation, do we take it? The invitation to heal the fragmented Self and enter the dark night of the soul is not for the faint hearted. To survive means facing the Self and Other. To emerge requires placing trust in a new king; not Self but Time.

Why now?

I debated whether to wait before writing about lockdown. Hindsight brings calm reflection. However, immediacy also has creative value. What are our true feelings about lockdown? What characters emerge? How far will we, as creatives, edit our responses we see after the pandemic? (Or even during) Will hindsight dim our truth? Are we even aware of what our truth is anymore? We wanted to see what emerged in the moment without rose tinted glasses – in a sense we wanted to build a creative archive of feeling truths. Everyone is different, all truth is interesting. It’s not my job to make anyone feel good, but say what I think is true.

Yet again, working with both Roni and Megan is a delight. They’re both superstars! I’m exceptionally lucky to be part of such a team. As I say, we’re hoping (pandemic willing) to film DON’T CALL ME ANGEL from a nurses perspective, but for now…

Stay well x