Free Pranayama classes

Click to breathe…

The truly radiant and magical Carolyn Cowan has released a free series of Pranayama classes. Carolyn, has many talents and one is being a remarkably skilled kundalini yoga teacher. Here you can watch her discussing trauma and shame, in a wise, kind, and insightful manner.

I love kundalini yoga for its breath work, chants, and mudras. I’ve found other yogas sometimes place emphasis on body shaping rather than alignment with self and healing – Carolyn’s teachings have not once alienated me. I can highly recommend her DVD Kundalini Yoga for the addictive personality. I used this alongside therapy and group work to heal my co-dependency issues (yes, co-dependency is a form of addiction/attachment).

Moreover, for Carolyn to offer us this series free (with an urging for a donation to a good cause) is extremely kind. Breath work during this pandemic can really help reduce stress and thus support the immune system.

I hope you enjoy!