A question(s) of Tracy K. Smith’s Soulwork

This cold sharp morning, as my toes feel damp with cold, I contemplate the poem Soulwork by Tracy K.Smith. You can read and listen to the words at Poets.org https://poets.org/poem/soulwork?mbd=1

I wonder what my soul work is? The concept feels quite paradoxical. I seem to encounter, as many do, recurring themes in life. Cycles of learning. In a way, I feel I am returning to pick up threads of things forgotten. Things I never thought lost until found.

It occurs to me that mastering an aspect of life, or beingness, requires embodying the opposite in some way. Hence, love bursts forth from heartbreak. Connection seems wrought through loneliness. Perhaps even the value of truth emerges from living in lies. I am possibly very wrong in my observations. Yet everything seems to lean into its opposite in some way, like acrobats forming a human pyramid.

Another question arises too. That of collective soulwork. Is there such a phenomenon? If so, what is our work? Our lessons? Our teachings of this time? These times we like to call unprecedented. Where does your work and mine separate and then converge? Is convergence a myth? Is the entry point a mystery? Or signposted?

I urge you to take some time with the poem Soulwork whether you believe you have one or not, for surely that is a work too?

Tracy K. Smith is sublime, leaving me with questions, no answers. Just how I like it.