Ai Weiwei’s “Cockroach”

It’s Mother’s Day and I’ve just finished watching Ai Weiwei’s “Cockroach” (2020) a documentary film about the protests in Hong Kong in 2019

It features footage from the protests, plus interviews with everyday people, activists, politicians, and the police. It is a bold, courageous, and empathic piece of work.

Watching urged me to consider the meaning of freedom, law (as opposed to) order, and the value of independence. Good considerations for Mothering Sunday, perhaps the only. I mean, what is the width and breadth of the societies we want our children to grow up in? What does it take to shape the world? How do we show up in the world we are in?

“Cockroach” is an important visual record of history unfolding before us. If you get the chance, engage with the piece. I think you will get much from the experience. I did, and will again.

It is a film to return to.

You can rent or buy the film at Ai Weiwei Films