“The planet does not run on oil” – Sir David Attenborough

What better way to spend Easter Sunday than enjoying an informed talk with Sir David Attenborough facilitated by Liz Bonnin? The topic: Conservation success stories from around the world. Big stories of joyful change. Plus, a Q&A.

Listen if you want to be inspired by positive stories from enthusiastic dedicated people. To hear Sir David’s experience with a caiman was eye-opening (no spoilers). As was him saying, “the earth does not run on oil, it runs on blood” in relation to how the earth is not only interconnected, but is a whole body. A body relying on each part to function in order to stay alive and vibrant. I’m leaving the talk here for anyone who could not attend. May you feel uplifted too! There is much to hope for.

(I must admit, listening to David talk about Dragonflies is now my favourite thing in the world too! Enjoy!)

The event was part of a week long Hope for our Planet speaker series – hosted by Earth Optimism. Find out more: https://www.earthoptimism.cambridgeco…​ who also host a film festival amongst many other inspiring events too.