About me

Hi, I’m Alex, I write comedy and drama for stage, screen, radio, and other mediums too. To find out more about my writing head to my CV! for a nosey at my work.

Personally, I love ALL stories. Everything! From the mythical, magical, sci-fi, folk horror, high end dramas. I also love a bit of Corrie too and you can’t beat a rom-com. Basically, I’m not a story snob. I get antsy around people taking themselves too seriously. Yet I do believe All stories are magical. Each have a purpose. That’s why I never get bored of writing. It gives me space for the abundance of creative energy I spin on.

I also LOVE creating and running women’s circles (trans & non-binary inclusive) but I won’t talk too much about them here as they’re booked up till summer solstice 2021 anyway. Yes next summer will be lovely as I plan on adding mix-gender SUPERDUPER RELAXATION RETREATS!

I also run the archiving blog ourKive which gives marginalised women a platform to share their memories of the pandemic. Please send us something if you like!

Well, I think that’s it… Best to keep it short & sweet eh?