The Shadow Self explained in 3 points.

1. The personality traits we think/feel/believe are negative and think/feel/believe will lead to unwanted concequences if expressed. 2. Subsequently, these traits are suppressed (in some cases repressed) thereby creating a rejected Self - The Shadow Self. 3.  The size, shape and depth of alienation The Shadow Self experiences will shine through the wellbeing of the … Continue reading The Shadow Self explained in 3 points.

Raising Films, CLOSR 17 & my screenplay!

Really excited to be one of the successful applicants of the Raising Films CLOSR 17 development scheme! Here’s to developing my play Seconds into a TV Drama series! Can’t wait to networking with the producers and directors also participating – let’s get some great TV made! Exciting times ahead!

Women of the Wild – an anthology

To raise much needed funds to keep the Women's Playgroup open, I've been developing a fundraising anthology...and we have a publication date - 21st August 2017 The mix of writers is really exciting. And extremely humbling that they have all offered their work for free. Personally, I feel so invigorated by the whole process. Bringing more women writers to readers attention is exciting as well as satisfying.  Roll on August! 

Older Actresses: their silence speaks louder than words

Writing for older women actors is really exciting. They have developed their skills over time and enjoy rising to a challenge (and script accelerator is a challenge) I been writing older women’s roles forever, which has led to some criticism. But like I say, I’m lucky.  Theatre is strangely conservative at times, salon:collective are not - they are risk takers.