Autistic Women Writers

I’ve started a writer’s group for autistic women (cos I’m an autistic woman writer and we are AWESOME!!)

Also my experiences of non autistic writing spaces are varied. Some have been great (theatre in particular) others awful (ahem Salford University) so I wanted to bring those experiences together and create something different and hopefully useful.

What is it?

The aim is for autistic women writers to have a place online and in person to share their interest in writing, storytelling, and gain peer support for their journey with the craft. We aim to meet monthly, in Greater Manchester but the online group is available 24/7.

What it’s not

It’s not a teaching group, it’s more a cup of tea and being with other autistic writers group. Witnessing rather than teaching can be really helpful – especially to fragile writing projects and creative ideas.

Who is it for?

Beginners, curious folk, and those with sage experience. Basically if you want to write, or do write, it’s for you. All writers, from bloggers to novelists are welcome.

How do I find out more?

We have a facebook group which you can join to discuss your work, find collaborators, and discover meet up times. Or if you hate facebook, you can email me on to be added to the mailing list for meet up times and news.

Why no men? (I’m asked often)

The group is for women as an acknowledgement that women are underrepresented in the many varied disciplines of writing. This group aims to encourage greater participation and thereby increase wider representation of autistic women’s writing in society. Research suggests women share differently in women only spaces so the group hopes to utilise this – writing often requires support in its final stages and we want to be the place autistic women find that support to see their projects through to fruition. We are for autistic women specifically as recognition that autistic women writer’s needs often go unmet in other writer’s groups, even those aimed at women. We are aware of other intersections too and aim to be mindful, listen and learn.

Have a question? Get in touch!