Oracle card readings

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Oracle card readings come in all shapes and sizes! One thing is for certain, it is bot fortune telling, but a way of offering present day insights on where you are and where you can go, if you apply certain witchy wisdoms to your life.

What is an oracle card reading?

Oracle card readings are like an interactive chat with your higher self or higher power (whoever that may be to you.) It’s kinda like coaching with cards. Friendly and co-operative. The cards speak intuitively to the subconscious of the reader through their symbols offering a way to let the innate wisdom within flow.

What to expect

A friendly atmosphere, a cup of tea, and an interesting chat about your cards. You are under no pressure to reveal your innermost secrets, fears, or anything about your life! You can just come to be curious and discover if there is something in the process for you.

The cards

I will use a variety of cards in your reading. From Animal Spirit Guide cards to Angel and Goddess cards. (Tarot may even pop up too!)


An energy clearance

There’s no point doing the cards without a good old energy cleanse after. This energy alignment will be guided by discoveries in the oracle cards and I will remove any stagnant energy that’s possibly been blocking your progress on any pressing issue.

Cost: £30 – 50 mins


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