Older Actresses: their silence speaks louder than words

Writing for older women actors is really exciting. They have developed their skills over time and enjoy rising to a challenge (and script accelerator is a challenge) I been writing older women’s roles forever, which has led to some criticism. But like I say, I’m lucky.  Theatre is strangely conservative at times, salon:collective are not - they are risk takers.

The Resurrection of Our Kid Jesus (with the help of Salon:Lab)

Salon:lab are caffeine for a new writer. A large cup of Americano with sugar. They energize your work and more importantly invigorate the writer to write. For any of you who know the play, which won 24:7 theatre festival’s next big idea event, it’s a huge jump sideways from my usual writing. It had also received some conflicting feedback from various people. I placed the play down and went back to drama.

My play Seconds @ The Pleasance Theatre

Fantastic people work at Writer’s Avenue. They’re not only talented, vibrant, helpful and creative, but they’re really nice people. They have enabled me develop as a writer this year with their wonderful input. It’s been great fun pulling my play Seconds up by its boots straps and it’s been due to their enthusiasm and theatre-centric attitude. It is still true that theatre is co-operative at worst and collaborative at best.