Raising Films, CLOSR 17 & my screenplay!

Really excited to be one of the successful applicants of the Raising Films CLOSR 17 development scheme! Here’s to developing my play Seconds into a TV Drama series! Can’t wait to networking with the producers and directors also participating – let’s get some great TV made! Exciting times ahead!

Women of the Wild – an anthology

To raise much needed funds to keep the Women's Playgroup open, I've been developing a fundraising anthology...and we have a publication date - 21st August 2017 The mix of writers is really exciting. And extremely humbling that they have all offered their work for free. Personally, I feel so invigorated by the whole process. Bringing more women writers to readers attention is exciting as well as satisfying.  Roll on August! 

Older Actresses: their silence speaks louder than words

Writing for older women actors is really exciting. They have developed their skills over time and enjoy rising to a challenge (and script accelerator is a challenge) I been writing older women’s roles forever, which has led to some criticism. But like I say, I’m lucky.  Theatre is strangely conservative at times, salon:collective are not - they are risk takers.

The Resurrection of Our Kid Jesus (with the help of Salon:Lab)

Salon:lab are caffeine for a new writer. A large cup of Americano with sugar. They energize your work and more importantly invigorate the writer to write. For any of you who know the play, which won 24:7 theatre festival’s next big idea event, it’s a huge jump sideways from my usual writing. It had also received some conflicting feedback from various people. I placed the play down and went back to drama.

Firebombs, freedom and poems.

I also want to offer a thanks to the Salford Star for their interview with actor Steve Evets on his contribution. Poet Antoine Cassar for his wonderful blog post on the project. Plus Laura Taylor's article in Write Out Loud  and everyone else who dug deep and bought a copy, blogged, tweeted, spoke, facebooked and wished us luck.

My play Seconds @ The Pleasance Theatre

Fantastic people work at Writer’s Avenue. They’re not only talented, vibrant, helpful and creative, but they’re really nice people. They have enabled me develop as a writer this year with their wonderful input. It’s been great fun pulling my play Seconds up by its boots straps and it’s been due to their enthusiasm and theatre-centric attitude. It is still true that theatre is co-operative at worst and collaborative at best.