Holistic Therapy


As well being a writer, I’m also an holistic therapist. I’ve worked with people from all walks of life – from actors to cleaners, nurses to musicians.

As a survivor of homelessness, violence, and an attempt on my life in my teens I developed and lived with PTSD through my early 20’s. These experienced infused me with a passion for working with others to aid the healing of the inner-child.

The inner-child is often misunderstood, neglected and rejected as we enter adult-hood. You don’t need to have experienced deep trauma to have become estranged from your capacity to creative, experience joy, spontaneity, intuition and love. Anything that causes shame and/or guilt blocks the creative inner-child connection. Without our natural flow – we can find it difficult to express ourselves authentically without deep anxiety.

Initially, I started my training in therapeutic counselling and life coaching, before integrating more creative and shamanic elements into my work with fellow survivors, as I felt there was a real need to include more than language and discussion when working with people who were stuck, suffering, or silent due to past pain. I am now training as a hypnotherapist to deepen my work with clients – and offer recordings to those who cannot meet me face to face.

For more on my work pick up a copy of my book Awaken your Inner Faerie in 30 Days or if you’d like to work with me, just click on the therapies I offer for more details. I’d love to hear from you!

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