My stories

POUNDLAND VANILLA PRINCESS (drama) winner of the BBC’s Alfred Bradley Award 2019

BELOW – (6 part TV mini series) Winner of the Northumbria University/C4 TV drama Writing Award 2017

VAMP (absurd comedy short) Film Hub North/BFI’s script lab 2019)

BELLA IN THE AFTERNOON (comedy series) longlisted for the Thousand Films comedy writing competition 2019

WHEN I WAS A TROLL (magical realist stage-play) long-listed for the Old Vic 12 2019

SISTERS OF THE MIDNIGHT BERRIES (Tragi-comedy stage-play) produced by Salford Arts Theatre 2019

ITV’s ORIGINAL VOICES 2019 shortlist with REFUGE – drama series

THE GIRL WHO DRESSED AS A BEAR (a lesbian love story – with magical toucans) Selected for The Watersprite Film Festival’s Script Lab 2017 & published in the U.S anthology HashtagQueer 2017

MY NAME WAS HUNGER (drama/stage play) Produced by: The Salon:collective. Staged: The Park Theatre’s Script Accelerator event (2013)

OUR KID JESUS (magical realist comedy/stage play) Winner of 24:7 Theatre Festival’s Next Big Idea Event (2013)The Cockpit Theatre, London. Produced by Salon:lab (2013) 

DANCING DOG GETS A CREDIT CARD (comedy/stage play) Produced by: Writer’s Avenue. Staged at: The Soho Theatre, London as part of the 6 Degrees Event (2013) 

SECONDS (drama/stage play)  Produced by: Writer’s Avenue and Missfit Productions. Winner of: the ‘First 20 minutes’ (2010) playwriting competition.. Winner of ‘The Next Stage’ playwriting competition (2011). Winner of the ‘Final Stage (2012)’ playwriting competition. Staged at: The Soho Theatre, The Pleasance Theatre and The Rosemary Branch Theatre. 

THE CRUCIFIXION OF MADELINE McKAY (surrealist drama/stage play) Produced by: Missfit productions. Staged at: The Rosemary Branch Theatre (2009))

THE LANDLORD, THE MEDIUM, AND THE CHERUB  (Finalist in Commonword’s best new novelist competition (2008))