The Women’s Playgroup

The Women's Playgroup

What is the Women’s Playgroup? 

The Women’s Playgroup is a place for women of all ages and abilities to get together and heal through play, conversation, and creative arts. Through summer we will be having series of play picnics!

The Women’s Playgroup is about letting our inner child out to play. It is for women who really miss that feeling of playing out as a kid. Or for women who missed out on being a kid at all (for whatever reason) and now crave a place to play. The Women’s Playgroup is that place.

Come along – dress up, play games, be as absurd and surreal as you want. You are encouraged to laugh, giggle and smile. The Women’s Playgroup is a place where it is safe to be silly. We don’t believe healing needs to be boring, hard, or serious.

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(We are aimed at women who have experienced or witnessed violence of any kind, at any stage in their lives. However, women who are not survivors, but who are sympathetic to the needs of women who are can come along too. We also welcome carers of women who cannot come along without support. If you do not have support to attend and feel you need some. Leave me a message below and I’ll see what I can do.)

Sounds good, but feel a bit too quiet for a group? 

We are the group who welcomes shylings and quietlings of all shapes and sizes! Quiet people are AWESOME! I am one – so I understand that sometimes speaking to people can be tiring and even nerve-ending-overwhelming. You will not be forced to do any speeches about yourself. You will be accepted for who you ARE – not for who society demands you be. Choosing to be quiet in company can be a very empowering experience.



Sounds good, but need to know what we’ll be doing each month?

If unknown vague activities makes you feel anxious – no problem. For those of you who feel happier knowing what’s coming next (in detail) I will be posting about our monthly sessions on this blog (sign up!) And also on facebook.

13517628_1050674785025714_699005371357631123_oWhy I set up The Women’s Playgroup

Initially, I wanted to set up a safe place for women who had experienced violence to meet and be social – without the pressure of having to talk about their experience. (After all, evidence suggests talking about trauma can actually re-traumatize.)  I ran the group from the Pankhurst Centre in Manchester and then from BlueSCI in Sale. Now we are embarking on a summer of picnics! Give us a go. Come and be in a gentle space with others who have experienced similar things.

That’s the great thing about The Women’s Playgroup, you’ll be with other women (like me) who understand some experiences can leave us feeling a bit jumpy, scatty, afraid, or even a little bit quiet in company. You won’t be judged at the women’s playgroup- but you will be made a cup of tea!


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I would like to thank @Coppice_blueSCI for their support and @TPAction for my start up funding – follow them on twitter if you can!


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