Who is Alex Clarke?

Hi! I’m Alex – author, playwright, and screenwriter.

I’m also founder of the new indie publishing house MADA who aim to publish new and existing authors who feel stifled by the mainstream publishing industry.

she ra
Not actually me.

As well as being a writer, I’m also an holistic therapist.

My joy is facilitating inner-child play through my FAERIE CRAFT sessions. I am also a REIKI MASTER (one step closer to my childhood dream of being SheRa!) And an ANGEL INTUITIVE after being lucky enough to train with DOREEN VIRTUE’s in her very last face to face student group in London. I’m also currently adding hypnotherapy to my medicine bag.

I’m also the scamp who came up with THE WOMEN’S PLAYGROUP  – a creative arts group for survivors of violence. It sounds stone cold serious, but we’re not. We get together once a month and play – fancy dress, creative art, pass the parcel… this summer we will be taking the fun outdoors with a series of play picnics (come along). We are funded through Trafford Partnership as part of the make Sale Smile Initiative and in collaboration with leading mental health care provider BlueSCI.

The real, non-SheRa, me.

I’m also founder of THE REIKI COLLECTIVE an holistic therapy training provider (yes, you are right it has a lot to do with early Japanese shamanism and energy movement.)

I also write for an array of well-being publications. And have written a book just for you, Awaken your Inner Faerie in 30 Days, published by 6th Books and winner of Prediction Magazine’s Publishing Competition. You can grab a copy from AmazonWaterstones, or not – it’s up to you!


Further miscellaneous facts about me:

Pet Loves include: Transcendental Meditation, kundalini yoga, laughing, the Universal Healing Dao, TV, movies and resting me feet on furniture. Naps.



©Alex Clarke 2015

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  1. […] My mum writes too, and when I took my desire to write a children’s book to her she said it was totally possible – I could even self-publish if I wanted to. This is what spurred me on. At the time, my confidence was nowhere near what it is now. I wasn’t sure, after high school, that I had the skills to become a published author, but I still wanted to prove to myself that I could finish a project and perfect it. […]


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